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CNN host who 'doesn't drink' has priceless reaction after shotting tequila live on air

CNN host who 'doesn't drink' has priceless reaction after shotting tequila live on air

Anderson Cooper isn't a fan of tequila

You have to be made of some pretty hardy stuff to not wince when doing a shot.

Whether a jägerbomb or cheeky Baby Guinness is your choice of tipple, many of them can leave you questioning your life's choices after a few too many.

And Anderson Cooper definitely had questions after doing a tequila shot live on air alongside Andy Cohen.

The hosting veterans were filming from New York's Times Square last night (31 December) to ring in the new year on CNN's annual broadcast.

Cooper has hosted the New Year's Eve Countdown for over two decades, with Cohen joining the team in 2017.

Like many of us will have been doing last night, Cohen and Cooper decided to toast the new year with a shot of tequila in their usual tradition - but it's safe to say that it's not Cooper's go-to choice.

Tempting him co-star to a drink, Cohen said: "At the top of the hour, we typically have a toast and [...] I guess I'm just wondering, does daddy get his juice?"

Cooper replied: "Can daddy get his juice responsibly?"

The hosting duo did a shot live on air.

Cohen went on to note that his co-star 'doesn't really drink' and that the tequila shot they were about to do was Cooper's first in two years.

Shotting the tequila, the host proceeded to grimace and stick his tongue out in disgust - and I think we can all relate.

People watching the show understandably found Cooper's reaction pretty entertaining and took to X to share their amusement.

"I was laughing so hard," one person said, as another went on: "Anderson’s face say’s it all!"

The pair's decision to drink on air comes after CNN has previously imposed a booze ban on hosts having a tipple during the New Year's Eve Countdown.

Anderson Cooper isn't much of a tequila fan.

The network's choice came after presenters have been notably tipsy on air and said some controversial things during the Countdown show.

As they rang in 2022, Cohen blasted then-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and labelled him as a 'horrible mayor'.

He also called Ryan Seacrest - host of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve - and his crew a 'group of losers'.


Cohen later apologised, and he and Cooper were left unable to raise a glass as they returned to the show for the countdown to 2023.

But, from the looks of the pair's boozy antics last night, the ban appears to be well and truly lifted.

Featured Image Credit: CNN

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