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Question couple got right to win £1 million from Ant and Dec

Question couple got right to win £1 million from Ant and Dec

Viewers of Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win saw a couple win £1 million.

Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win saw a couple take home an eye-watering £1 million - and many viewers seem to be complaining about the final question category.

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NHS workers Helen and Charlie - who were the show's winning contestants on Saturday (13 January) - said they now have enough money to 'pay off our mortgage'.

Charlie, an NHS finance manager and Helen, an NHS communications manager were more than delighted with their appearance on the episode - which is the second of series three.

After the show, Charlie explained: “On the morning of the record, we talked about having a code between us should a question come up that one of us was absolutely 100 percent certain about.

Ant and Dec's Limitless Win really is limitless.

“That way we could go for the big answer if it came along. We decided to use the code ‘I know, know the answer’.

“As soon as that question came up, I realised that I knew, knew it – 100% – so there was nothing to be nervous about.

“The only time we realised the scale of it was when we locked in the answer and the whole audience gasped."

So, after banking their £100,000, the jackpot suddenly reached £1 million and Charlie was 'hyperventilating' when seeing the total prize money.

Viewers thought that Helen and Charlie were given too easy of a question.

And the question that won the couple the whopping prize was: "2024 marks how many years since Blur beat Oasis to the UK number 1 spot with the song 'Country House'."

Certain of the jackpot answer, Charlie said: "29. I know. It's 29."

When the pair were announced as the winners, Helen said: "This is beyond anything, it's been amazing from start to finish."

Now, social media users weren't exactly pleased by the question - as one person tweeted: "It’s 29 years. 1995. Dead easy. Million pound question. F**k me, this is fix."

Another said: "Jeez what an easy question to win a million."

Of course, some were really happy for the couple online, with one person writing: “Still can’t get over last night’s episode of #LimitlessWin, an absolutely incredible result and I’m so thrilled for the new MILLIONAIRES...Congratulations boys on another great show.”

Just look at that jackpot.

Charlie added: “We are going to take our time deciding what to do as this will change things significantly for us.

“We will pay off our mortgage and Helen has a significant birthday this year, so we are planning to go to New Zealand to see one of Helen’s closest friends who lives there.

“We also need a new (second hand) car which might now be a bit nicer than we were planning.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us so we will use the majority of it to set us and our children up for the future.”

LADbible has previously reached out to ITV for comment.

The next episode of Ant and Dec's Limitless Win will be on Saturday on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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