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Reason behind why Ant and Dec always have watches covered on I’m A Celeb

Reason behind why Ant and Dec always have watches covered on I’m A Celeb

It doesn't make things any easier for the celebrities in camp

Drama, Bushtucker Trials, campfires, celebrities and well, more drama.

It’s well and truly the season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! as this year’s series has just another week or so left.

So that’s just another week of Ant and Dec on our screens every night.

Well, at least for now - they’re always up to something it seems.

But while the pair of Geordies appear on the show partly live from Australia, they cover a very little thing up.

Of course, the two lads kick off the show from the early hours Down Under before switching to pre-recorded trials. You know the deal; they present live from the studio and show us clips from the day before.

And while they’re doing all this, ITV viewers have spotted Ant and Dec had the faces of their watches covered with plasters.

The presenter duo were hosting the dreaded trial during Thursday’s episode (30 November) when people made the realisation.

The pair have to hide the time from the campmates.

One confused viewer wrote on X: “Is Ant's watch covered because of cameras or because of the sun reflection? @antanddec or am I seeing things?”

Another echoed: “I don't get why do Ant & Dec have their watches always covered #ImACeleb.”

Well, turns out it’s not for filming perfection, it’s actually to keep things secret from the stars in camp.

After fans’ burning questions over the weird little watch-covering plasters, the official I’m A Celeb social media decided to set the record straight.

It explained: “Ant & Dec's watches are covered to stop the celebs finding out what time it is.

“They have no idea, as no clocks in camp.”

Yep, the celebrities down under are living virtually off the grid as they supposedly don’t have a clue what time of day it is as they dine on rice and beans and take part in trials for food.

Scarlett Moffatt said it makes the stars 'disorientated'.

Former contestant Scarlett Moffatt also commented on this secrecy over time during a 2017 episode of the old spin-off show, I'm A Celebrity... Extra Camp.

She explained: “It's so the campmates don't know the time, so all the watches are covered for the people that see the campmates all the time, like Ant, Dec and Medic Bob.

"I think it’s just so you’re really disorientated, like we had no concept of time."

As well as fans speculating over the covering of watching this week, the show has provided some major shockers as both Grace Dent and Jamie Lynn Spears left camp early for ‘medical reasons’.

LADbible has contacted ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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