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How much I'm a Celebrity cast are being paid, expert reveals

How much I'm a Celebrity cast are being paid, expert reveals

An expert has shared how much the I'm a Celebrity cast is making this year, and it's a lot!

How much is your dignity worth? I bet it’s not as much as some of these celebrities!

TV entertainment has always trod the fine line between comedy, honesty, and complete humiliation for the enjoyment of fans sitting at home, but is the dosh enough to say yes to eating kangaroo dong?

For some, however, it absolutely is.

I'm A Celebrity has an amazing 2023 lineup and getting these big names involves also means big pay cheques.

Of course, there can always be a disparity between who gets what as factors such as profession, public interest and level of fame need to be considered.

After all, you wouldn’t pay a Chancellor £40K to sit in a room full of tarantulas but you might pay a well-known YouTuber that much.

So how much are the 2023 I'm A Celebrity cast getting paid?

What are the camp mates getting paid?

According to brand and culture expert, Nick Ede, ITV has spent an incredible amount this year to bag their celebs.

Speaking to the Mail, he said that the amount they are paid is just the start as they’ll also be opened up to endorsements and opportunities.

But he also added that the amount of payment between some of the cast members can be more than a £450,000 difference.

So let’s see who’s getting what.

Nigel Farage is the highest paid celeb.

Nigel Farage - £1,500,000

Nigel Farage is reportedly the ‘highest paid’ celeb in I'm a Celebrity history.

And with an estimated £3.26million net worth, you can see why it would take so much to get him to agree.

However, his appearance hasn't been without controversy - with some viewers threatening to 'boycott' the show because of it.

Marvin Humes - £150,000

Humes has just finished his JLS reunion tour and is now jumping on his wife’s co-worker to squeeze water out of her (if you know, you know).

Grace Dent - £100,000

This MasterChef UK critic has worked for publications like The Guardian, The Independent and Vogue before penning eleven books.

Jamie Lynn Spears is setting the record straight.

Jamie Lynn Spears - £250,000

Britney Spears' younger sister and Zoey 101 alum, Jamie Lynn Spears was a surprise addition to the jungle - and left a lot of people confused when talking about what she was best known for.

Sam Thompson - £80,000

This former Made in Chelsea star has recently been defended by social media fans after fellow camp mate, Nella Rose told him to tone it down.

Josie Gibson - £100,000

Everyone knows Josie Gibson, the Northern Belle and This Morning presenter!

Ede thinks she is close to becoming a national treasure, and you can see why.

YouTuber Nella Rose is heading into the jungle, if she can put up with Nigel Farage long enough to get there.

Nella Rose - £40,000

Despite her budding YouTube career, Nella Rose is reportedly the least paid cast member to appear on the show.

The star has been criticised online for her rows with Fred Sirieix and Nigel Farage, as well as her jab at Sam Thompson this week.

Fred Sirieix - £150,000

One third of an infamous trio of Gordon Ramsay and Gino D'Acampo and First Dates matchmaker, Fred Sirieix was saved from public scrutiny after his argument with Nella Rose.

The pair got into it after Sirieix commented that he could have been Rose’s father due to their age gap, which wasn’t taken lightly by Rose who tragically lost both of her parents.

But social media users took his side, branding Rose as over the top.

Nick Pickard - £70,000

Beloved Hollyoaks star Nick Pickard has stolen hearts after playing Tony Hutchinson on the soap, but now we can see that he truly is a loveable character.

Danielle Harold - £70,000

Former EastEnders actress Danielle Harold has shown the public that she is more than just her soap character Lola.

LADbible has contacted ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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