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Fans gutted as actor confirms one of BBC’s best shows won’t be returning

Fans gutted as actor confirms one of BBC’s best shows won’t be returning

Cunk on Earth's Diane Morgan also shared a more positive update

Fans have been left gutted as an actor has confirmed one of the BBC’s best shows won’t be returning.

Let’s be real, the broadcaster is responsible for some pretty banging series, from a new ‘must watch’ being compared to Skins to endless edge-of-your-seat crime dramas.

And it’s turned out its fair share of comedies over the years, with one focusing on the lives of middle-class mums being loved by viewers – mums or not.

The comedy stars Diane Morgan and Anna Maxwell Martin.

However, despite Motherland having audiences absolutely creased for a few years now, one of its stars Diane Morgan has said it won’t be coming back.

Morgan plays single mum Liz on the show, alongside Anna Maxwell Martin, Lucy Punch, Tanya Moodie and Paul Ready.

The BBC sitcom’s pilot was first broadcast back in 2016 with the first full series airing in 2017.

A second season released in 2019, a third in 2021 and then the last bit of Motherland we were treated to was the Christmas special in 2022.

And ever since, fans have been hoping for more.

But Morgan told The Times: “I hate to say it, because I still get women running up to me with prams in the street asking me when it’s coming back,” as she confirmed there isn’t going to be a fourth season of the beloved British show.

And fans on X said it’s ‘deeply upsetting’.

Others said it’s ‘one of the best things’ on the BBC for the ‘past decade’ as they said: “Well written, funny, talented cast, a strong story etc. Shows like that are becoming a rarity.”

Many echoed: “What?! I don’t even have kids and adore this program!”

Plenty hope Motherland at least gets brought ‘back for the odd special’.

But it seems the world of the mums might not be totally gone forever.


The Cunk on Earth star appeared to have confirmed rumours there’s going to be a spin-off with Punch’s posh character Amanda.

“Yes. It’ll live on through her. The ladies with the prams will be pleased, hopefully,” she said. But if that does happen, it seems Morgan won’t be appearing in it herself.

Motherland isn’t just popular with viewers either, it’s praised by critics and won a BAFTA for Best Scripted Comedy back in 2022.

The BBC show is created by Graham Linehan, Sharon Horgan, Helen Serafinowicz and Holly Walsh and is also available for fans to binge on Netflix.

The BBC declined to comment when contacted by LADbible.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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