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People stunned by David Blaine trick where he removed woman’s teeth then spat in her face

People stunned by David Blaine trick where he removed woman’s teeth then spat in her face

Nope, thank you

David Blaine is known for his mind-bending tricks, but one stunt in particular left its mark.

The illusionist actually pulled out a woman's teeth and put them back in again.

Check it out if you don't believe us:

In an old clip shared on his YouTube page, Blaine can be seen standing in a crowd of people in what appears to be a casino.

"I'll show you why I don't mess with my teeth, but you have to trust me," he tells one woman.

Putting his hand in her mouth, the magician inspects her teeth, but doesn't seem too impressed.

"You know what, I need a longer tooth," he says.

Looking around at his audience's faces, Blaine picks out another woman, whom he thinks could be the perfect mark.

David Blaine pulled out a woman's teeth.
YouTube/David Blaine

Grabbing hold of her top set of teeth, he starts tugging and pulling at them.

He says: "Just trust me on this."

Continuing to work on the gnashers, Blaine eventually manages to pull two of her teeth clean out, with the crowd left stunned.

The woman also, understandably, looks a little concerned.

Before you know it, though, Blaine looks her dead in the eye and blows in her face, with her teeth suddenly reappearing and the crowd of onlookers cheering.

But they weren't the only ones impressed by the bizarre trick.

Commenting on the vid, one viewer praised the magician, saying: "This is definitely one of Blaine’s coolest tricks. I hope to see him perform in person one day."

The magician blew her teeth back into her mouth.
YouTube/David Blaine

Another wrote: "Imagine he just stole her teeth and spit in her face."

"This could be the most complete magic trick... concise, engaging, suspenseful, violating, and shocking," put a third.

While someone else added: "She’s not amazed of the magic trick she’s happy that her teeth are there."

Blaine previously left Margot Robbie in tears with one of his tricks.

The Barbie actress appeared in Blaine's 2016 ABC special Beyond Magic, which also featured a whole host of famous names, including David and Victoria Beckham and Johnny Depp.

The trick starts with Blaine asking the Oscar-nominated actress to think of anything in her mind, but without saying it out loud. The word was personal to the Australian star, and for Blaine, guessing the world was easy peasy.

Margot Robbie was stunned.

The word relates to a memory when Robbie was five-years-old and after Blaine brings this up, she chokes up and says: “I’m gonna cry.”

He takes the hand of Robbie’s friend - who has an inkling about what the special memory could be - and proceeds to write the word ‘bunny’ on her palm with a pen that may or may not be a sharpie.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Anyway, the room is in silence as Blaine writes the word, but Robbie and her friend can’t help but awkwardly chuckle as they wait to see what Blaine has up his sleeve.

When the big reveal happens, the two friends are absolutely flabbergasted. “That’s not only weird, that’s really embarrassing as well,” Robbie declares, as the pair laugh.

“How the f**k did you know that?” the friend asks, but Blaine obviously doesn’t spill anything.

He does, however, pick up on another word in Robbie’s mind and takes pen to palm and writes the word ‘numerous’ on the friend’s hand, which was the correct answer.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/David Blaine

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