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Pregnant woman ‘disgusted’ over husband’s ‘weird’ relationship with her mum

Pregnant woman ‘disgusted’ over husband’s ‘weird’ relationship with her mum

You'll be able to see them on TV

A woman who is 'disgusted' with her husband over how close a relationship he has with her mother has ended up taking the whole thing on TV, so now you'll be able to judge for yourself.

It'll be part of the TLC show Smothered which will feature pregnant woman DeLeesa and her husband Trevor, along with the close bond Trevor has with DeLeesa's mother India.

India has been living with the family for two years but her closeness to her daughter's husband has been causing some problems.

They leave her on her own for hours at a time to play bingo and hoverboard together, while they also sometimes dress in matching outfits.

DeLeesa said her husband and mother were 'best friends' with each other and they had 'the most weird, disgusting relationship that I have ever seen' and it seems like she'd like them to tone it down.

DeLeesa and her husband Trevor have her mother India living with them, and it's awkward.

She said the main relationship in her house should he her and her husband, not her mother and her husband, explaining that she didn't get along with her mother.

While the relationship between mother and daughter is fraught, it was Trevor's idea to invite India to live with them in an attempt to build some bridges and bring them closer together.

However, while it seems as though India and Trevor are very close the same can't be said for India and DeLeesa.

He said he hoped his wife and his mother-in-law would grow closer by living together but acknowledged that it doesn't seem to have worked.

Trevor said he didn't want to lose his wife but also thinks she's 'not hearing me when it comes to this situation'.

Trevor is too close with his mother-in-law for his wife's liking.

He said he didn't know how to fix the relationship between them, and in another clip his wife's mother feeds him chocolate while he's on the phone.

TLC promises that a pregnant DeLeesa finally decides to lay down 'an ultimatum' to her husband, so if you want to see how that goes you'll just have to watch Smothered and find out.

Previous episodes of the show have featured a mother and daughter who spend far too much time together, including being naked in the house with each other.

Meanwhile, another mother and daughter who appeared on the show were so comfortable with one another that they gave each other Brazilian waxes.

It certainly sounds like a dramatic show.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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