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​'Don't Tell The Bride' First As Couple Decide Not To Get Married

​'Don't Tell The Bride' First As Couple Decide Not To Get Married

We've seen it all on Don't Tell The Bride, the E4 reality series that sees grooms organise their entire wedding as the show foots the bill. But what we've never seen is a couple that doesn't actually up getting married - until now.


This week's episode saw engineer Craig take the reins for his marriage to bride Sofia, who had originally admitted that she was after a romantic beach-style ceremony. But Craig had other ideas, opting instead for a Oktoberfest theme - complete with lederhosen and lots of beer.

On the day, Sofia was so miffed by details like the brewery setting and her dress that she went into a nearby KFC until she could be persuaded to speak to Craig.

"I'm sorry that it's fucked up," Craig said. "I fucked up, I got it wrong... and I wasn't doing anything against you, I wasn't trying to make you look silly."

But according to a message at the end of the programme, it wasn't enough to salvage the marriage.

"At the time of making this programme Craig and Sofia had decided not to make their wedding legal and were working together on their relationship," the show told viewers ahead of the end credits.


So, if the couple decided to not make the wedding legal, where does that leave them now?

"It's kind of up in the air at the minute," Craig told LADbible. "After the show last night she's not really speaking to me."

Credit: Don't Tell The Bride/E4
Credit: Don't Tell The Bride/E4

"After the wedding we sorted things out, but after last night I'm not too sure."

He added: "I just expected it to go pretty well. We were going to have a good laugh - I'd brought loads of Prosecco as well, so it wasn't all beer-themed.

"I thought she was going to like the dress - obviously she didn't. Then we got the replacement dress, and she didn't like that. Then she did.

"I was really excited for it all, thinking it would all work out alright, and the next minute I get a phone call from someone who said that she'd taken her dress off in KFC, refusing to get in the horse and carriage to come to the venue."

He continued: "I think the only thing I did that was out of order was I went to Prague. I think that was a bad choice for the stag do.

"Prague was awesome - I think that's what pissed her off the most really. She got the dress after that and I think it set the mood for the whole thing."

But many viewers didn't think he was in the wrong, and seemed to be on his side over Sofia's.

Craig explained that, while his time on the show didn't end up exactly as he'd envisaged, he enjoyed his experience.

"I had an amazing time doing the show. It was fun - stressful, but really fun," he said, adding: "The two cameramen were amazing. We had a laugh.

"I'm happy I had the experience, and I'm happy that I managed to pull it off - but I'm not happy with certain things."

He added that he's hoping they can sort things out - especially as they have kids together - saying: "We'll just have to see it goes, really."

We've seen couples come close a similar fate several times on the show - like when one groom tried to arrange a wedding in the sky for a wife-to-be that was terrified of heights.

Also, remember when groom Simon decided to get hitched in Vegas? Despite the fact it would mean he could only afford to take, like, two people? That didn't go down too well with his bride, Kaleigh, who flat-out refused to join him until producers broke protocol and let Simon talk her into it with a phonecall. Oh, how the nation face-palmed.

To be honest, if Simon managed to pull himself back from that one, Craig's in with a good chance. We'll have our fingers crossed for you, mate!

Featured Image Credit: Don't Tell The Bride/E4

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