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Who Is Christian Wilkins And Why Is He Famous?

Who Is Christian Wilkins And Why Is He Famous?

Here's everything you need to know about Christian Wilkins.

The 62nd Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards were held earlier this week and we still can’t get enough of some of the breathtaking and phenomenal gowns that graced the Red Carpet. 

In particular, Christian Wilkins took to the limelight donning a stunning sheer backless dress, which many fans adored.

The star hit back at trolls who challenged and criticised his outfit in a series of tweets that are now going viral.

But who exactly is this fashion icon?

Who is Christian Wilkins and why is he famous?

Christian Wilkins is an Australian model and reality TV star.

Most notably, he boogied his heart out in the 2020 season of Dancing with the Stars. Alongside dance partner Lily Cornish, the fan favourites finished in an impressive second place. 

He is also the son of SmoothFM radio presenter and Weekend Today host Richard Wilkins. 

Wilkins is also a podcaster. He hosted the series Radical Fashionism along with Andy Kelly, which explored the changing culture and social aspects of the fashion industry

In March this year, he began a new Instagram TV series called ‘Pour Me a Drink’, which was in partnership with Grey Goose Vodka. His first episode features an interview with Claudia Karvan. 

How old is Christian Wilkins?

Christian Wilkins recently celebrated his 27th birthday in April, and took to Instagram to share a picture of him and his delicious-looking birthday cake. 

He was born to parents Richard Wilkins and Michelle Burke. The couple has since divorced, however Christian Wilkins has a close connection to his father, posting a cute tribute to Richard Wilkins for his birthday. 

Who is Christian Wilkins dating?

In March 2021, Wilkins claimed that he had never been in a relationship before, suggesting that he was happy and living his best single life. 

However, in February of this year, he shared a photo of him and fellow Instagram model @gay4satan, suggesting the two were a couple. 

Chrisitian is openly gay, revealing in an interview that he never felt the need to explicitly ‘come out’ and that he has always just been himself. 

Rest assured, the unabashed and positive-spirited model will continue to dazzle us with many iconic looks on all the future runways to come. 

Featured Image Credit: Christian Wilkins/Instagram

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