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KSI forced to end his return to streaming early after his IP gets leaked

KSI forced to end his return to streaming early after his IP gets leaked

KSI's return to YouTube streaming didn't go to plan

KSI's return to streaming did not go to plan after someone leaked his IP address.

The YouTuber - who took a 10-year-break from streaming - returned earlier today (7 February) in an official live broadcast.

With over 40 million subscribers across his two channels, he was very much looking forward to switching up his content.

Alongside a blown up photo of his face, KSI - real name Olajide Olayinka Williams 'JJ' Olatunji - tweeted: "Today is the day I stream."

KSI's return to streaming was not what he would have wanted after someone leaked his IP address.

"KSI is streaming before GTA 6. That’s wild," one fan wrote.

"Gahhhdam, potentially about the change the game again. Can't wait," a second added, while a third excited fan said: "Damn Dawg you gonna become the new #1 streamer. Imagine streams of speed/ksi/adin/kai."

"Speed, adin shivering, this will break the internet," a fourth agreed.

However, just an hour into his comeback, the 30-year-old Prime founder issued an unfortunate confession.

“God dammit,” he began.

“God dammit, guys. My IP got leaked.

“I got to end the stream. I’m sorry. I’ll see you lot in a bit.

“God dammit! You guys always gotta ruin the fun.”

Just an hour into his comeback, KSI was forced to end the stream.

Aside from the trolls, most fans were gutted, as one wrote: "The dude was just trying to have fun with his fans, but some weirdo decides to leak KSIs IP address."

"Man, I hate you motherf*****s," a second added.

"Only one hour into his first stream and someone leaks KSI’s IP, whoever it was is a pure sad p***k," another commented.

KSI did go back on stream though after he sorted out the 'few technical issues'.

Now it' not all bad news as this comes after the hydration drink founder appeared to be very happy when he found out he and his business partner Logan Paul were getting roasted in an episode of South Park.

In a clip from the December special, Clyde Donovan watches an influencer called Logan DeDouche - who looks suspiciously similar to Paul - promote his drink brand 'Cred' online.

"The most important thing is just to be yourself," LeDouche says. "When I feel like I can't be myself, that's when I need a hydration drink that'll pick me up - that's when I need Cred!"

The spoof also took aim at the drink's over-the-top marketing campaign, which included Paul jumping out of a plane with a bottle of Prime in his hand.

Promotional posters saw Kyle and Kenny drinking bottles of CRED.

"Drink Cred, or you're a piece of s**t!!" it says.

And, it even referenced the controversy surrounding the drink, which could be harmful to the influencer's young fanbase, despite cans stating that it's for people ages 18 and up.

"Drink Cred at your school today!! Not intended for children," the narrator in the clip says.

Upon learning that South Park was going to include a nod to Prime, KSI took to X to share his elated reaction.

"LMFAO NO WAY," he wrote in all caps.

And, it appears Paul has also seen the funny side of the roast, reposting a tweet about the parody online.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/KSI

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