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Someone Tried To Smuggle A Bottle Of Vodka Inside A Sandwich

Someone Tried To Smuggle A Bottle Of Vodka Inside A Sandwich

If you've ever spent the day at the races, you'll have found out the hard way that the drinks are pretty pricey. In a similar set-up to music festivals, organisers know they can inflate prices, because what else are you going to do? Not drink? Unthinkable.

My mate swears by refilling Capri Sun pouches and taping them to herself. I've never tried it, because it looks like effort and, call me fussy, but I don't like gin served at body-temperature.


What I've never seen before is this rather complex method:

Yep, someone sneaking into Southwell Racecourse on Sunday for Ladies' Day hollowed out a fucking baguette, planted a bottle of vodka and then disguised it with salami and tomatoes.

Honest to God. That's a show of dedication.


Southwell Racecourse seemed to see the funny side of the smuggling efforts, sharing it to Twitter, where people praised the attempt:

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Is it just me, or does this seem like a bit too much messing around for a bottle of Glenns?

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