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Man Orders Stylish Poncho But It Goes Horribly Wrong

Man Orders Stylish Poncho But It Goes Horribly Wrong

Josh David, 18, bagged himself a bargain with the $36 camel coloured poncho - or so he thought

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Put your hand up if you've ever been duped by online shopping. Sneaky bugger, isn't it? You know the drill - you find the perfect item to go with your outfit for the weekend, the perfect pair of sunnies for the glorious weather, or the perfect poncho that somehow looks nothing like it did on the model - oh wait...

Don't get me wrong, no one expects clothes things to look identical to they way they look online, sported by people who professionally make these things look good (we're not kidding ourselves that much). Still though, you sort of expect something similar.

Joshua David found found himself the butt of the joke as he ordered a camel poncho from ASOS only for something a little on the large side to arrive:

Joshua, 18, from Angleton, Texas, paid $36 (£27) for the stylish cover-up which he thought was a bargain as it was supposed to be $48 (£36) but when it came to trying it on, he found that it absolutely drowned him.

This left the sales associate to do one of two things - get really annoyed for spending money on something that didn't look like it should have, or make a joke about the entire thing. Luckily we got the latter.

He told LADbible: "So I couldn't sleep one night, I was tossing and turning in bed and I just decided, 'I'm gonna go online shopping'.

"So I got on my phone and went to ASOS, as I was feeling like getting some new clothes. They had this sale so I decided to just browse that section.


"I found this poncho that I fell in love with, but the only problem was that it was a one size only item. So I looked at the model's height & it said he was 6'4" and I'm 6'1" so naturally I assumed it wouldn't be too big of a deal as far as it fitting.

"I put it in my cart, did some other shopping and finally checked out and waited for the package to arrive. When it arrived I was super happy because I wanted to try it on, but when I did it was so long and big on me I knew I had to snap a pic and post about it.

"I'm still gonna wear it though, it's lowkey kinda cute still."

Still has confidence in his fashion choices - good LAD.

Now Joshua has posted it on Twitter, the poncho has received quite a lot of attention with 260,000 likes.

He added: "Ninety-nine percent of people thought it was hilarious and are now claiming me as the 'official gay priest' but the other one percenclaim I bought this a few sizes too big so I could make this post.

"The funny thing is that if they would've read any part of thread under my post they would've seen where I said, and screenshots that other people put the poncho off of ASOS's website, that it was a one size."

LADbible have approached ASOS for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: ASOS/Twitter/@joshxdavid

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