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M&S Launches Foot Long Pigs In Blankets Just In Time For Christmas

M&S Launches Foot Long Pigs In Blankets Just In Time For Christmas

The best thing about Christmas dinner just got better...



There's a lot to look forward to at Christmas - chestnuts roasting on an open fire, spending quality time with the family and unwrapping presents from your loved ones...

And, what we're all most excited about: stuffing our faces with an unnecessary amount of food.

Christmas dinner is an event in and of itself, with each and every component having its own place on the plate (aside from those goddamn Brussels sprouts, am I right?). But arguably one of the most loved and cherished side dishes is the delicious pigs in blankets.

Lesley Nagus/Pixabay

This year, everyone's been stepping up the game by introducing foot-long versions of the meaty treats - and now M&S has chimed in on the trend with their own edition. Get ready to salivate.

In an Instagram post featuring a drool-worthy snap, the company wrote: "Not wanting to boast... but we're quite proud of our new Foot Long Pigs in Blankets! Made with outdoor bred pork sausage and wrapped in streaky bacon, the best thing about Christmas dinner just got better! Available in stores from tomorrow".

The post was uploaded today, meaning you can buy these XL PIB - which will come in packs of two - from December 12. There's still room in your freezer, right?

The question now is, whose giant piggies are best? You may or may not have noticed that Aldi announced the launch of foot-long pigs in blankets way back in September, costing just £2.99 for a pack of two. Same goes for ASDA, who released these monstrosities into the market.


Tesco, on the other hand, went for a different approach by introducing pigs in duvets - pigs in blankets with lovely puff pastry duvets wrapped around them. Mmmmmmm.

In short, we're spoiled for choice when it comes to the Christmas dinner staple. So which one should you go for? If you're looking for size, ASDA's a good bet. If it's variety you're up for, go with Tescos. Aldi is great if you're on a budget. And if you're seeking foot-long PIB's made with the finest ingredients, go with M&S.

OR you could just do what we're planning and buy all four. It's Christmas, after all - treat yourself.

Featured Image Credit: M&S

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