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Inventors of airfryer reveal secret to getting perfect chips every time

Inventors of airfryer reveal secret to getting perfect chips every time

Extra crispy chips are coming our way

Ever since airfryers became the best way ever to cook chips, we can't remember the last time we whacked them in the oven.

The kitchen device is the only way to cook potato products, whether we're talking chips, hash browns or even roast potatoes.

But there's always room for improvement, and if you fancy perfecting your airfryer chips then good news, we've got all the answers.

How do you make your airfryer chips?
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The problem with making homemade chips is that it can be hard to find the balance between too soggy, and burnt.

But now, experts at Philips - aka the inventors of the airfryer - have revealed how to get them just right.

Martin Senders, Philips’ Airfyer chef said: “There’s no denying that chips - whether chunky, crinkle cut or fries - work brilliantly in the airfryer. However, there’s no reason you can’t improve on a classic.

“From indulgent loaded fries to healthy alternatives, there’s dozens of ways to dial up the flavour of your favourite side."

Martin shared his top tips, and we're defo trying these at home.

Dry your potatoes

Martin explains that after cutting your spuds, it's really important to pat them dry with kitchen roll.

Removing moisture will help ensure the chips are as crispy as possible, while also maintaining that fluffy texture inside.

Don't overfill

It can be very tempting to throw more potatoes than you need into the airfyer (especially if you're extra hungry), but overloading the tray isn't a good idea.

Too many chips can stop the air circulating throughout the drawer, which is a recipe for soggy chips.

Start criss-crossing

If you do need to cook a larger batch of chips, there is a handy way to make sure your chips crisp up.

Martin recommends assembling your chips in a criss-cross or lattice shape, as this allows hot air to circulate more freely around the potatoes.

It'll also allow more chips to be added to the drawer, meaning you won't have to cook two batches.

Martin warns not to overfill your fryer.
Ali Majdfar/Getty Images

While some foods work perfectly in the airfryer, others are a definite no-no.

For example, cooking bacon in the airfryer isn't a good idea.

Dietitian Brenda Peralta explained that this method of frying the breakfast favourite can actually cause absolute chaos in the kitchen.

Peralta told Yahoo: "It is a fatty food, and when it is cooked in an air fryer, the fat can drip down and cause smoke or splatter.

"This can make the bacon difficult to cook evenly, and it can also produce a lot of smoke and odours."


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