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McDonald’s shares incredible response to fans asking for beloved axed item to return

McDonald’s shares incredible response to fans asking for beloved axed item to return

It turns out we've broken McDonald's

Just a few days ago McDonald's was announcing the return of an old favourite, its beloved Breakfast Wrap.

There's a reason Maccies fans said the return was the 'greatest thing to happen in years' as that deliciously perfect combination of egg, bacon, sausage meat, potato and cheese returned in triumph.

The McDonald's menu is changing all the time with items hopping off and on it on a monthly basis, but each and every time it changed one of the most popular demands was to bring back the Breakfast Wrap.

You asked for it, they provided it and then after a few days you basically broke the largest fast food chain in the world.

Sorry gang, McDonald's has taken the Breakfast Wrap off its menu temporarily as demand has been so high that it's pretty much torpedoed the chain's ability to serve any other breakfasts.

The Breakfast Wrap returned because of popular demand, and has been taken off the menu because of too much popular demand.

McDonald's explained that due to 'unprecedented demand' for the Breakfast Wrap, it was running out of ingredients for its other breakfast options.

Fortunately it's not so much goodbye as it is au revoir, with Maccies saying the Breakfast Wrap would 'hopefully' be returning at some point next week, after which people will presumably flock to it once more and utterly devour the fast food giant's supply of breakfast items once more.

Naturally this has left people utterly gutted, as many had not even had the chance to sink their teeth into that succulent wrap and instead they've been asking for some alternatives on social media.

One Maccies fan called on the fast food joint to 'bring back the bagels', and the beleaguered chain replied: "Can't you see we are suffering already?"

Apparently now is not the time to be suggesting that McDonald's expands its breakfast options when it's running low on ingredients already.

Well done Britain, you broke McDonald's.

In case sanity restores itself you'll soon be able to buy a Breakfast Wrap again for £4.39, or make a meal of it for £5.89, and since it's a breakfast item you'll need to get it before 11.00am as that's when Maccies stops serving it in the UK.

McDonald's said in a statement: "After three years off the menu, prayers, pleads and even petitions were answered when McDonald's proudly brought back the Breakfast Wrap on Wednesday 7th February.

"Whilst McDonald’s predicted fans would be thrilled with this news, they did not anticipate just how much…

"Due to an unprecedented demand, McDonald’s has had to temporarily remove the Breakfast Wrap from the menu, to avoid running out of all wider breakfast items.

"It’s not goodbye, it’s just ‘see you very soon’. The Breakfast Wrap will be making its iconic return (once again) hopefully next week."

Featured Image Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images/McDonald’s

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