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McDonald's fans say new menu addition is 'greatest thing to happen in years' as eight items land today

McDonald's fans say new menu addition is 'greatest thing to happen in years' as eight items land today

A legendary menu item has been brought out of its early retirement due to customer demand

You might notice that a few fast food fans have got a spring in their step today amid the return of one of McDonald's most popular menu items.

It's out with the old and in with the new - but some legendary items that were shown the door long ago are also making a comeback.

Customers will find a very different array of snacks on offer at the Golden Arches today (7 February) following the latest shake up to the menu, including the restaurant chain's spiciest ever burger.

The McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot will make your mouth water in more ways than one - it's a chicken breast patty covered in a crispy coating, jalapeños, Frank's Red Hot Mayo, lettuce, Emmental cheese and onions, all wrapped in a toasted sesame seed bun.

You can test the strength of your tastebuds against the heat for just £5.59, or £7.29 if you make it into a meal.

McDonald’s spiciest ever burger has just landed on the menu.

McDonald's is also reintroducing the Big Tasty, the Big Tasty with Bacon, Mozzarella Dippers and the Mozzarella Dippers Sharebox for diners who love to devour meat and cheese.

You will also find a few cute, pink sweet options on the menu as Valentine's Day looms ever closer.

Customers who are keen on the lovey-dovey aesthetic can grab a KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry, a KitKat McFlurry and a Raspberry and White Chocolate Pie - but be quick, as they won't hang around for long.

All that sounds nice and all, but I bet you're wondering what item McDonald's lovers are talking about when they say its addition to the menu is the 'greatest thing to happen in years'.

You can't throw comments like that around willy-nilly, so they're obviously talking about a seriously celebrated bit of grub that was created by the fast food wizards.

For once I can be the bearer of good news when I reveal that... the Breakfast Wrap is back.

After nearly four years of starting your day with a wrap-less morning, we can now finally tuck into a new and improved version of the iconic menu item.

With a revamped look and an update to the egg formation, McDonald's proudly announced it had answered 'your prayers, pleads and even petitions' to bring the 'true breakfast hero' out of early retirement.

The new Breakfast Wrap - that will set you back £4.39 - is stuffed with a scrumptious pork sausage patty, two round free-range eggs, a slice of bacon, a crispy potato rosti and cheese with either tomato ketchup or brown sauce.

You can make it a meal for just £5.89, but remember - McDonald's only serve breakfast from 5am until 11am each day, so you need to be up and out.

The new and improved Breakfast Wrap is available from today.

Fast food lovers are buzzing with the news and shared their joy at the Breakfast Wrap's revival on social media.

One said: "The Breakfast Wrap being back at Maccies is the greatest thing to happen for years."

Another wrote: "Uber Eat’s drivers will have dropped off McDonald’s Breakfast Wrap’s to half the population this morning."

A third added: "Happy Breakfast Wrap day to all those that celebrate!"

And a fourth wrote: "20 minutes till I’m getting a Maccies Breakfast Wrap again. I never thought these days would ever come back."

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images/McDonald’s

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