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McDonald’s announces return of famous fan favourite in menu shake up

McDonald’s announces return of famous fan favourite in menu shake up

The fast food chain is celebrating Easter in style

When it comes to discontinued McDonald’s items, there are so many renowned fast food fixtures we’d love to see make a return.

Many still swear by the hangover-healing properties of the breakfast bagel while others crave a taste of the moreish toffee and strawberry sundaes.

Who could forget the cult-status Twister Fries? And of course, we’re still mourning the loss of the recently gone-but-not-forgotten Chicken Legend.

But while McDonald’s is sure we’re not seeing curly fries back on the menu anytime soon, the company has announced a famous item is returning in time for Easter.

Burger fans who are drawn to the golden arches this month will be able to sample a pimped-out version of the classic Big Mac.

But before you ask no, the returning item isn’t the beloved Chicken Big Mac; this one is all beef.

History buffs will know the Big Mac made its debut on McDonald’s menus back in April 1967 as the Aristocrat.

This iconic nosh was also previously known as the Blue Ribbon Burger before 21-year-old advertising secretary Esther Glickstein Rose created the Big Mac moniker.

Various variants have graced menus over the years, including promotional offerings such as the Grand Big Mac, the Big Big Mac and the Mac Jr.

The Double Big Mac is set to return to UK menus this month.

Territories such as Japan, India and Alaska also have their own versions - the Giga Big Mac, Maharaja Mac and Denali Mac, respectively.

One variant of the beloved burger that hasn’t been seen for some time in the UK is the Double Big Mac.

The latter has four beef patties instead of two, extra Big Mac sauce, lettuce, extra pickles and onions.

However, it doesn’t feature twice the cheese as there’s just one slice under the lower pair of 100 percent beef patties.

McDonald’s has recently revealed that the Double Big Mac burger is heading back to the UK for a limited time from March 13.

The return of the item follows in the footsteps of the burger returning to menus in the US earlier this year.

Following the news, fans took to social media to express their glee.

The famous Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry is also making a comeback this Easter.

One user of X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote: “The Double Big Mac is what’s been missing for a looong time. I’d go maybe a couple times a year to scratch a nugget itch from childhood but the Double Big Mac has me back.”

A second typed: “The Double Big Mac! It’s what the original should be honestly. I don’t want to go back to the regular one McDonald’s! Keep it around.”

"Look what's coming on the 13th… I've waited all year for it,” commented another.

If you and your family are thinking about pilling into your local fast food chain this month then you’ll be pleased to know more goodies are heading to the Easter-themed menu.

Easter-themed items will be available for purchase from March 13.

The McCrispy Deluxe is set to make its return alongside the delicious Halloumi fries and Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry.

New items include a Hot Cross Bun Pie, which features crispy cinnamon pastry, spiced fruit and a butter-flavoured cream filling.

A Hot Crossed Bun Latte will also be available alongside a Galaxy Truffle Bunny McFlurry.

At the time of writing, McDonald’s has yet to confirm how long its Easter range will remain in restaurants.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images / Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post via Getty Images

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