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People furiously hit out at Celebrations after opening first door of their advent calendar

People furiously hit out at Celebrations after opening first door of their advent calendar

One person said it was a 'sick joke'

People are saying the run up to Christmas is already ruined after opening door number one on their Celebrations’ advent calendar.

Yep - December is here, meaning Christmas is just 24 days away. For some that means that No Nut November is finally over, for others it means they’ve got to think up creative ways to display a toy Elf for the next three-and-a-bit weeks. But for many of us, it will mean opening the very first door on our advent calendar to discover a chocolatey-treat - or a cheesy treat, if that’s more your thing.

However, some folks who bagged themselves a Celebrations advent calendar have been left less than impressed by what's behind door number one: the ever divisive Bounty.

Personally, I reckon Bounty are up there with the best when it comes to confectionary, but it’s fair to say that plenty of people disagree. So much so, that Mars Wrigly - Celebrations’ parent company - released special edition tubs that didn’t have any Bounty bars in.

Angry chocolate-lovers took to X to slam the first chocolate of the month, with one writing: “Day one of Advent Calendar and it's… A flippin' BOUNTY. Damn it. Roll on the 2nd.”

The Celebrations advent calendar hasn’t got off to a good start with chocolate-lovers.

Someone else said: “Celebrations advent calendar day one is a f**king Bounty. Some kind of sick joke by Mars Wrigley.”

A third commented: “The first choc in the Celebrations advent calendar was a Bounty. @UKCelebrations what on Earth.”

While another person wrote: “What a way to ruin the first day of advent - Bounty in day 1 of @UKCelebrations advent calendar. Disappointed children.”

However, some - correct - people were delighted to kick off the month with a Bounty.

“Bold move putting a Bounty in day one of the celebrations advent calendar. Best chocolate ever for me but there’ll be some unhappy folks around today proclaiming that Christmas has been ruined,” said a one Bounty fan.

The divisive sweet has left some folks unhappy today.

The discourse around Bounty has even led to a new competition from Celebrations, which will see one lucky person winning a 9-carat gold Bounty bar weighing over 1kg and worth a whopping £25,000.

Kerry Cavanaugh, Mars Wrigley’s UK, Business Unit Director, said: “Every year, we love seeing the debate rage over our beloved Celebrations tubs. This year, our much-loved Bounty bar has gone Gold! The Bounty bar is worth £25,000, which surely is enough to make even the most dedicated Bounty-haters reconsider their stance. We’re excited to hear the public’s verdict – would you treasure, or would you trade? Bring Home The Bounty!”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @beccafenna

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