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People are flocking to Wetherspoons for its time limited £1.99 breakfast

People are flocking to Wetherspoons for its time limited £1.99 breakfast

For less than a few quid, it's unbelievable dining out value

Wetherspoons, god love it. Name me one person who hasn't had an evening in their local taking advantage of its cheap drinks and food.

And it's an affordability that has only got better as we welcome in the new year, with one particular item going viral with punters unable to get enough of it.

Tim Martin, the owner and founder of JD Wetherspoon, launched a time limited sale menu to kick of 2024.

We're talking pints for £1.99 and cocktails for under £3. For those not drinking the hard stuff, there's Becks Blue for £1.49 a bottle and cordial for under 40p a glass.

Bottomless coffee, tea and hot chocolate can also be taken up at £1.29 a cup.

But we're here for the food. And one plate in particular.

The Wetherspoons small cooked breakfast has gone viral on TikTok during the sale period for its incredible value.

At just £1.99, it's almost too good to be true. But it is true, and it is glorious.

Punters can't get enough, with one posting 'TAKE MY MONEY' while another more calmly wrote 'big up the Spoons breakfast'.

Wetherspoons' founder Tim Martin has played a blinder.
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire.

TikTok user @itscharlievlogs has racked up more than 600,000 views as he scrans down on the affordable plate.

What exactly is on the plate? Well, it's labelled as 'small' but in reality it's anything but.

Customers will get a fried egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, toast, and a hash brown. I'd argue it's enough to fill most people in an age where we sometimes get a little too excited when it comes to overfilling our plate.

@itscharlievlogs says: "We're in Wetherspoons absolutely smashing the January sale. £1.99 for a breakfast, you can't go wrong."

All that for under £2, incredible.
@thatonecal / TikTok

Charlie teams up his brekky with a glass of blackcurrant cordial for just 38p. That's a combined £2.37 for a full meal, with Charlie saying the meal is a 'solid nine out of 10'.

The value was being bigged up by viewers, with one posting: "You could get two of those and a drink and it’d still be cheaper than one McDonald’s breakfast McMuffin meal."

Another said: "This could well be why SIR Tim Martin got a Knighthood in the New Year honours list."

You're going to have to move fast if you want to take advantage of the deal, with it only running for a limited time.

Everyone loves a 'Spoons.
Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Wetherspoons' menu sale will end on Wednesday 17 January, with no confirmation as to what prices the reduced items will return to.

Tim Martin said: "Department stores and shops hold their sales in January, so it is the perfect time to have a sale in the pubs too.

"The range of drinks and food on sale in the pubs is aimed at suiting a wide variety of tastes.

"This year we have included our biggest selection of low and non-alcoholic drinks. I believe that the January Sale will prove popular with our customers.

"As always, staff at the pubs will serve customers responsibly."

Featured Image Credit: @thatonecal / TikTok / Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire

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