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‘Scandinavian sleep method’ could help save your relationship if you’re ‘sleep divorced’

‘Scandinavian sleep method’ could help save your relationship if you’re ‘sleep divorced’

End the duvet wars with this tip

We’ve all got our own weird little sleeping habits. Maybe you need to watch old episodes of Friends to fall asleep or prefer to be tucked up right to your chin without a single bit of skin poking out of the sheets.

But sometimes it can be harder to doze off with your routine if you’re sharing the bed with someone – especially if they’re a duvet hogger.

According to The Sun, nearly one in six British couples who live together are ‘sleep divorced’. AKA, they sleep in separate beds.

The dreaded duvet debate is a popular cause for this. It’s a waking nightmare when you’re suddenly freezing at 3.00am because your partner's stole the whole thing.

But there’s a ‘Scandinavian sleep method’ which could help save your relationship if this is feeling a little too familiar to you.

This has been viral on social media as couples praise it as an ‘absolute game changer’.

A popular practice in the likes of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, it’s quite a simple fix – and seems pretty obvious when you think about it.

This could end the duvet wars.
demaerre/Getty Images

Instead of just sharing one big blanket or duvet, you simply use two twins.

That’s instantly going to cut out the tugging and pulling of the shared covers, as you can just have ownership and not share.

A TikToker shared a video setting up her ‘Scandinavian sleep method’ and went viral with it.

She strips what appears to be a king-size mattress before remaking the bed with new sheets.

And each half holds its own duvet for a single person to sleep with.

The caption read: “The Scandinavian sleep method is an absolute game changer. 10/10 recommend.”

And users in the comments shared their love for the practice, writing: “My husband is from Germany and we’ve always done this, my favourite way to make the bed is to fold each twin and turn it sideways. Fits perfect.”

The 'game changing' sleep method.

Another said: “I’ll never go back it’s the only way that makes sense.”

As one wrote: “Once you sleep with two comforters… you will NEVER go back to only one!!!”

Sleep expert Chris Tattersall told Fabulous: “The issue of your other-half ‘duvet hogging’ is instantly solved.

“Likewise, should one of you wake up during the night, or at different times in the morning, then having separate duvets helps minimise the impact on disturbing your partner.

“For couples struggling to sleep, separate bedding can certainly help, supporting us to feel rested, energetic and focused.”

Be right back, ordering a second duvet ASAP.

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