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Expected ticket cost of plane that could travel from London to New York in just 3.5 hours

Expected ticket cost of plane that could travel from London to New York in just 3.5 hours

If you splash the cash, you could get over to the states in half the time it usually takes

Sometimes when it comes to travelling to another country, the amount of time it takes to get there can be pretty off-putting.

I mean, I don’t want to lose a whole day of annual leave just getting to the destination – that time is precious.

But there’s now set to be a plane that could get us Brits over to the States in just 3.5 hours.

That’s practically how long it can take sometimes to drive home from a busy event in another city.

Boom are planning to unveil a supersonic flight that travels at twice the usual speed.

So, a flight to New York from London could soon take less than four hours – if you timed that properly, you could basically get a whole day over there after travelling.

There’s been the odd delay and postponement so far but Boom reportedly plans to unveil the first Overture in 2025, hoping to attain type certification in 2029.

The supersonic aircraft will get you there twice as fast.
Boom Supersonic

The ‘Superfactory’ construction began in North Carolina at the beginning of this year and next year is said to see the start of production of the Overture airliner.

Ok, so saving time on travel is great and all, but will the cost of that be worth it?

Well, unsurprisingly, it’s unlikely going to be cheap to fly over to New York that quickly.

While it was quite before a lot of our time, the Concorde was of course the previous famed supersonic airliner for us ‘normal’ people.




But as aircrafts were retired back in 2003, it’s difficult to use that as a mark for how much the Boom flights might cost. Let’s face it, everything is a whole lot more expensive now.

And statements from Boom suggest that the company hopes to make supersonic travel more accessible and affordable than it was with the Concorde – as per History-computer.

The new planes won't take to the skies for a few years.
Boom Supersonic

Boom previously stated that the cost of a ticket on Overture would be about the same as the current business class.

History-computer works that based on inflation, a New York to London round trip would be about $20,000 (£15,850) on the Concorde today.

CEO of Boom Supersonic, Blake Scholl, previously announced that operating economics in place would allow the flights to cost only £5,000 (£3,960) on the same route.

In comparison to that, British Airways is currently listing return flights to New York from as little as £393 – so I guess it’s whether you value your time or cash the most.

Featured Image Credit: Boom Sonic

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