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Brit finds 19-hour Iceland holiday for £36 including spa day and he even saw Northern Lights

Brit finds 19-hour Iceland holiday for £36 including spa day and he even saw Northern Lights

The lad went on a rather extreme day trip

It doesn’t matter what time of year it might be, us Brits love a holiday.

A couple of days off work to go and visit somewhere else? Bliss.

But what isn’t so dreamy is how expensive a little trip away might cost - I mean, one lad is even planning to walk to Ibiza after his mates booked a holiday there.

Although, as much as we all love a holiday, we also go mad for a bit of a bargain and will often find the cheapest deals for a getaway.

And this Brit absolutely smashed it with a 19-hour Iceland trip for £36 with a spa day and getting to see the Northern Lights.

It’d probably cost you that much to get a train to another part of the UK to visit an Iceland supermarket, let’s be real.

That's one extreme day trip.

With his partner away for work, Robbie Watson decided to go to Luton Airport and head north on a roughly three-hour flight to Iceland at 6:25am.

He may have only less than a day to see the sights there, but he hired a car and made the most of it.

Documenting the ‘extreme day trip’ on Instagram, Watson explored the city of Reykjavík and walked up the iconic tower of Hallgrimskirkja Church.

After grabbing some lunch, the travel lover headed to the famed Sky Lagoon spa for an afternoon of ‘ultimate relaxation’ - you know the one, the place with the steamy warm outside pool and bar.

The lad then had to drive himself back over to the airport for 7:10pm but his trip was absolutely topped off by the fact he got to see the Northern Lights as the plane left Iceland.

Now that’s dreamy.

Watson told the Mirror: “During this trip I had a mini tour of Reykjavík and then had a spa afternoon at Sky Lagoon. It was fantastic! Not many people would dare travel to Iceland for such a short time - it’s on the more extreme end of Extreme Day Trips.”

He got the flights for a low price before taking in the main attractions.

He also said that the snowy weather ‘added to the extremeness’ with a volcano near to the airport being due to erupt adding ‘a bit of a risk’.

Bagging flights for a low cost, the Brit ended up spending on £232 on the travel, car hire, fuel cost, tickets to the church tower and his Sky Lagoon visit.

He told his followers in the comments that he reckons you could get it down to £122 per person if you went as a pair.

Not too bad but it really is an ‘extreme’ day trip.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@robbiewatson

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