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Flight attendants share how they stop people trying to join Mile High Club

Flight attendants share how they stop people trying to join Mile High Club

They said it's more obvious than some people think...

Flight attendants have revealed how they stop people trying to join the Mile High Club - and no, it’s not just a case of banging on the door furiously... because not everyone even goes to the toilet. Yes, grim.

The famed Mile High Club is the name given to people who have dared to get it on while up in the air, usually by slinking off to the bathroom to make use of the only private space on board, even if it’s absolutely vile in there.

Recently, one couple claimed to get around the problem by splashing out $1,000 on renting out a private jet based in Las Vegas called 'Love Cloud', which is kitted out with a large mattress and pillows as well as two seats, presumably for take-off and landing.

While customers get on with their business, pilots wear headsets to drown out the noise, and upon landing they’re given a special certificate to confirm they've joined the exclusive club.

Of course, most people can’t afford to drop a grand for something that can just be done in the comfort of their own home, meaning they tend to head to more extreme measures while on commercial flights.

And while I imagine anyone who has the guts to try and get it on during a busy flight probably thinks they’re sneaky enough to get away with it, according to a bunch of flight attendants on Reddit, that’s often not the case.

“I’m curious what FA’s thoughts are on couples who join the mile high club on flights are?” one asked earlier this week on the forum site.

“Are you absolutely obliged to stop it happening, do you let it slide?”

It's more obvious than people think.
Holger Detje/Pixabay

The general consensus is that it’s nothing short of ‘disgusting’, but also far more obvious than some people realise.

A number of flight crew jumped into the comments to share what they tend to do to put a stop to it, with one writing: “They don't. We stop them and if they try messing around under the blankets we know and have multiple FAs walk by to verify. If done correctly they will know we know. We make eye contact.”

Someone else said: “It’s gross and so obvious. We don’t let it happen. Once you let one couple do it, they ALL do it so we shut it down and embarrass them to make a point.”

A third said it was ‘disgusting’, but had thankfully never had to deal with it, while a fourth added: “Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable behavior! Do you know how dirty planes are? Have you learned nothing from the pandemic? And yes, I’ll stop it!”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay/Richard Sharrocks/Getty

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