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‘Hidden treasure’ city has pints for just £1.50 and feels like you’re going back in time

‘Hidden treasure’ city has pints for just £1.50 and feels like you’re going back in time

It's a lovely historical gem nestled in the middle of Europe

There's a lovely little city in Europe where the pints are cheap, the history is rich and you could enjoy it all without the hustle and bustle that comes with the usual city breaks.

While you ponder your next holiday destination, it might be an idea to unearth some of the hidden gems which go under the radar for most travellers.

Many of the most popular destinations are spots with warmer weather and cheaper beer than you'd find in the UK, though that's maybe not as hard to do as it used to be.

There are all sorts of holidays which won't break the bank while you have a splendid time away, being able to see the sights and just generally let the weight of the world lift from your shoulders for a while.

Europe is full of spots which aren't that far away in the grand scheme of things and are quite affordable to get to, and we've got another one for you in the Czech Republic.

Doesn't it look lovely?
Wodicka\ullstein bild via Getty Images

The name of this place is Český Krumlov, a town a train ride away from Prague and near the Czech Republic's southern border.

If you want to stop off for a drink then it'll set you back the equivalent of £1.50 in local currency, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

While you wet your whistle on a budget the rest of your time and money can be spent traipsing around the historic town, which has been designated a tourist hotspot and a UNESCO World Heritage Site if you go in for that sort of thing on your holidays.

The town was built around a castle which was constructed in 1253, and as such the place is a visual treat of architecture for the history buffs among you.

However, if you're going to go to Český Krumlov then it's probably best to hold your horses until summer.

Tourists can enjoy a spot of fun on the river.
MICHAL CIZEK/AFP via Getty Images

That's because the town hosts a big event on the summer solstice weekend known as the Five-Petalled Rose Festival where the place is turned into a medieval town that celebrates the history.

Jousting, performances and a big fireworks display caps off the festival, and if you're fancying a return trip before long then in July and August Český Krumlov also hosts an international music festival.

Those who've already been have taken to Tripadvisor to rave about the brilliance of the place, describing it as 'lovely, clean, and picturesque' while adding that people would appreciate it not being quite as crowded as big cities.

Others praised the town's 'great food and of course beer', saying it was a great place to spend a weekend and lots more said it was a 'fairytale' place.

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