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People left baffled after seeing inside of the most expensive room on world's largest cruise ship

People left baffled after seeing inside of the most expensive room on world's largest cruise ship

You could basically live in this mega room

In a way, big cruise ships are a bit like mini cities.

A load of people are ‘living’ on them, there’s shops, restaurants, bars, things to do and well, even morgues.

While some people may opt for cheaper options like staying in the ‘inner cabins’ with no windows, others may splash out big time on the most expensive room.

And the ‘largest suite’ on the ‘world’s largest cruise ship’ costs a whopping average price of $75,000 (£59,512) a week.

The Ultimate Family Townhouse is a mega three stories high, found on Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas.

TikTokerErica From America’ works onboard the ship and gave a tour in a video where she nicknamed it ‘suite life on deck’.

The suite has a slide.
TikTok/Erica from America

The cabin (if you can call it that) has a living room with floor to ceiling windows and even a slide connecting two of the floors.

With a ‘giant, wraparound balcony’ the Ultimate Family Townhouse comes with its own jacuzzi, movie room, ‘piano stairs’ a touch-screen dining table.

Equipped with a popcorn machine and gaming facilities, the room has multiple bathrooms and comes with a ‘personalised visit from the chief dog officer on board’.

By the sounds of it, you’d hardly even have to leave your room there’s that much to do in there.

At 1,772 square feet, the Ultimate Family Townhouse sleeps up to eight people with a room of bunk beds for kids – each complete with its own TV.

TikTok users were amazed by the mega cruise ship suite saying they’re ‘really mad’ they weren’t ‘born into a billionaire family’.

Although one pointed out: “If somebody had 100k to spend on a cruise, why wouldn’t they just have their own yacht at that point…”

One did joke: “And my kids would STILL say they are bored,” as others added: “WiFi and a drink package BETTER be included.”

It even has a movie room.
Tiktok/Erica from America

Another put: “Now I could do the 9 month cruise in this room if I had an unlimited budget.”

Many compared it to the ‘Big Time Rush room’ as some said they would ‘never leave the room’.

One also said: “I actually think it’s nice I’m not mad at it but absolutely not worth the money.”

With others asking: “So what’s the point of being on the cruise if the room is this cool?”

Pretty relatable, plenty of users said they ‘would go in this room by myself just for the dog’.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Erica from America

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