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Ryanair demands ‘urgent action’ after cancelling 100 flights

Ryanair demands ‘urgent action’ after cancelling 100 flights

The budget airline has axed dozens of flights

Ryanair has issued 'urgent' demands for 'action' after cancelling almost 100 flights across Europe.

The budget airline, based in Dublin, flies thousands of people every single day across the continent for pretty cheap fares starting at just a couple of quid each way.

And as we continue to live in a cost of living crisis, you can understand more than ever why people would be looking for a bargain. That includes the destination, with some flights going for £15 and taking you to the sunny Spanish coast for two Euro pints.

Well, today (6 June) has been anything but fun overseas for those flying with Ryanair after the airline axed flights almost reaching three figures.

It's not the only airline hit, with Wizz Air flights also impacted.

The reason why? A whole load of strikes taking place across the English Channel.

Over in France, air traffic controllers have been striking at short notice in an ongoing dispute over working conditions.

One such day of strike action happens to day today, which is also the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings on the French coast.

There have been cancellations across Ryanair. (IDRISS BIGOU-GILLES/Hans Lucas/AFP via Getty Images)
There have been cancellations across Ryanair. (IDRISS BIGOU-GILLES/Hans Lucas/AFP via Getty Images)

As a result, Ryanair has pulled the plug on almost 100 flights heading in and out of Paris Beauvais Airport, which is around 46 miles north of the city and serves as a budget alternative to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

The axed flights are set to continue this month with a week-long strike set from 8 June, according to reports in France.

Ryanair has demanded the EU undertakes 'urgent action' to sort this issue so as to stop further disruptions to business and tourists.

The company says on its website: “Since 2023, there has been 84 days of French ATC [air traffic control] strikes forcing airlines to cancel thousands of EU overflights from Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the UK, while France in particular uses minimum service laws to protect French flights.

“This is unfair. France and all other EU states should protect overflights during ATC strikes as they do in Spain, Italy, and Greece.”

Ryanair has demanded action. (Getty Stock Image)
Ryanair has demanded action. (Getty Stock Image)

And a spokesperson for the airline added: “It is inexplicable that Ursula von der Leyen and the EU Commission have failed to take action to protect EU passengers’ freedom of movement during these repeated French ATC strikes.

“As a result, we have been forced to cancel almost 100 flights to/from Paris Beauvais airport, unfairly disrupting thousands of EU passengers’ travel plans at short notice.

“EU passengers are sick and tired of suffering unnecessary cancellations during ATC strikes.

“There is no excuse for EU passengers to bear the burden of national ATC strikes that are completely unrelated to them and its time that Ursula von der Leyen and the EU Commission do something about it.”

Paris Beauvais Airport, which largely operates low-cost flights, said: “Major disruptions are expected in the flight schedule. Please contact your airline for any information on the status of your flight.”

Featured Image Credit: IDRISS BIGOU-GILLES/Hans Lucas/AFP via Getty Images/Getty Stock Image

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