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Ryanair offering £17 flights to 'Hawaii of Europe' but you'll have to move quick

Ryanair offering £17 flights to 'Hawaii of Europe' but you'll have to move quick

Ryanair is offering the cheap flights for a limited time only, so you best be quick

Ryanair has launched a flash sale and it shouldn't cost you very much at all to take advantage, with flights to one island dubbed the 'Hawaii of Europe' available for less than twenty quid.

The budget airline, based in Dublin, is the king of the European continent when it comes to affordable travel.

It's always here with an offer to somewhere stunning. We're talking golden beaches with pints for less than £2 just 20 minutes from Benidorm.

And on the flip side, there's stunning city breaks full to the brim with rich culture and history.

The firm regularly launches flash sales and today (24 April) is no different, with Ryanair emailing customers with a 'stop overthinking' offer with an extra 20 percent off a whole range of flights that'll end at midnight.

And it's from airports right across the United Kingdom including Manchester, Liverpool, London Stansted, East Midlands, Edinburgh and Belfast.

One location that you can get to for less than the price of one month of Netflix Premium (£17.99) is the aforementioned European island regularly compared to Hawaii.

What a view. (Getty Stock Images)
What a view. (Getty Stock Images)

With flights starting from £17.83, you can't ask for much more when it comes to overseas holidays.

The island in question can be found in the Atlantic Ocean.

And while not as typically warm as the islands of the Mediterranean, it's off of the coast of Morocco and north of the Canary Islands, which includes Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and Gran Canaria.

Boasting year-long sunshine with very little rain, it's pretty much perfect for a sunny trip any time you fancy it with temperatures also never really lower than the high teens.

A gorgeous seafront. (Getty Stock Images)
A gorgeous seafront. (Getty Stock Images)

Like the Canaries, it boasts gorgeous beaches and views over nothing but ocean. It's also got luscious greenery, meaning the Hawaii comparisons are pretty well placed.

The location we're talking about is the Portuguese island of Madeira.

You can fly to its capital city of Funchal from both Manchester and London Stansted airports, meaning it's ideal for those in the north and south of England.

The airport is Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, named after none other than CR7 who is hands down the island's most famous export having been born there back in 1985.

Moored boats in the harbour of Camara de Lobos, Madeira. (Getty Stock Images)
Moored boats in the harbour of Camara de Lobos, Madeira. (Getty Stock Images)

Even if you didn't know, we've all seen the statue inside the airport that's sadly been replaced.

As with many European islands, the food is to die for with a tonne of local delicacies. There's also Madeira wine for those who like a tipple.

The landscape means there's something for everyone. From mountain trekking and hiking to spending time in bars and on the beach, it's a great mix.

Brb, going to find my passport...

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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