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Ryanair is selling £15 flights to hidden gem city that has £2 pints

Ryanair is selling £15 flights to hidden gem city that has £2 pints

Nothing like an early year holiday to cure those January blues

Everyone loves a bargain and so does Ryanair, just look at its latest sale if you want to cure the January blues.

The Irish airline is currently offering dirt cheap holidays to those booking for a quick getaway before the end of spring.

Some of the deals are pretty amazing and go for as low as £14 to some of the top destinations across Europe.

It's the latest offer from the budget airline, which runs the social media game when it comes to viral travel posts.

To take advantage of the Ryanair discount, you must book by the end of today (24 January).

The holiday must also be before the end of May this year.

One hidden gem destination is on the cards if you fancy it, with it costing you around £15 to jet off.

There are flights from Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds Bradford, and Liverpool, so plenty of opportunity to take advantage right across the country.

Ryanair are having a flash sale for numerous attractive European destinations.
Thierry Monasse / Getty Images

And upon arrival, the average pint costs you just over £2 a go, making it a no-brainer. A small beer also sets you back about £1, so the value is incredible.

The location of choice is the gorgeous city of Poznan in Poland.

Described as 'under the tourist radar', the hidden gem is perfect for a getaway that's a bit less busy than the likes of stag do heavy Budapest and Prague.

It's full of 'buzzing bars, street art and excellent, cheap restaurants and local cafes', according to locals interviewed by the Guardian.

Old Market Square, Poznan.
Tibor Bognar / Getty

The city's Old Town Square (known locally as Stary Rynek) is one of the nicest that you'll find anywhere in Europe, with edges lined by fabulous historic attractions, restaurants and nightlife.

The weather isn't too bad with highs of around 19C heading in to May.

Geography-wise, it sits between Poland's capital Warsaw and Berlin in Germany and as such doesn't get the attention its two neighbours get, going under the radar a little.

Some football fans might be somewhat familiar with the country due to its team Lech Poznan and their fans' goal celebration, The Poznan.

This is where fans turn theirs backs to the pitch when their team scores, joining arms and jumping up and down in unison.

Aerial view of Poznan.

Man City fans made it their own, using it in 2011 against Lech Poznan. It's been a mainstay in their crowds ever since.

On the discount sale, Ryanair says: "The choice between staying at home on the couch or jetting off to explore new cities and scenic beaches is a no brainer. This sale won't last long, don't miss out."

If you can afford it, you've no reason not to go out and enjoy yourself.

Featured Image Credit: bbsferrari / Philip Toscano / Getty / PA

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