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Man defended after not inviting his parents’ boyfriend to his wedding

Man defended after not inviting his parents’ boyfriend to his wedding

The man's parents were disappointed that their son didn't sort out a seat for their boyfriend

Reddit users have defended a man who decided against inviting his parents' boyfriend to his wedding despite their complaints.

The man, who is getting married 'soon', said he invited his parents to celebrate his nuptials with him and made a seating plan for the big day.

His parents are in a polycule relationship - with a man who he gave the pseudonym 'Dave' - which is an umbrella term that refers to the people in a network of non-monogamous relationships.

However, the man on Reddit said his parents' relationship with 'Dave' has made him 'mildly uncomfortable' for a bunch of reasons.

The man is set to tie the knot 'soon' and his parents are not coming.

He said: "For starters the man is as young as I am and he basically now lives in my former room growing up. [...] I'll be completely honest here, all of it sort of discomforts me. Nevertheless, I have my own life and I still love them [...] They are happy and that's good for them.

"I wanted to run my seating plan by my parents as they know some people better so I emailed it to them and asked them to look it over," he said.

"I told them I didn't think Dave would be coming," he wrote, after revealing they had an issue with the snub.

"I told them I was uncomfortable with Dave coming and I wanted to share my special day with them, not Dave."

The parents didn't take the news well.

"At this point, things took a turn for the worse. We had a back and forth which basically devolved into a fight. Eventually, they basically said they'd much rather just not come if they couldn't come as a couple."

The son hasn't spoken to his parents since.

The man's parents were angry when their boyfriend was not on the seating plan.

The man posted his wedding fiasco in the ‘Am I the A**hole?’ thread on Reddit, where he received a lot of support from other users.

“NTA. Your parents definitely are though,” one person declared. “If this is the hill they want to die on then let them. It’s your wedding they should respect your boundaries.”

Another person wrote: “It’s on the same level as the parents being divorced and trying to force their new partner onto the kid as a replacement parent.

“It’s very inappropriate and it’s up to op just how much of relationship he wants with this new person in his parents life.

“And he has decided he wants none. And that’s perfectly acceptable.”

The man hasn't spoken to his parents since the disagreement.

A third commented: “It's awful OP's parents chose their new lover over their child and their child's happiness. OP I'm so so sorry for you, you have every right to feel hurt here. You say repeatedly you love your parents a lot, but their actions show they don't love you enough, and you deserve a lot better from them. NTA in any way.”

Lots of commenters were shocked by the fact 'Dave', 27, is around the same age as the OP, 26.

“It's pretty despicable of your parents to behave this way,” a Reddit user wrote. “And honestly, I would be extremely uncomfortable that they are sleeping with someone my age who is living in my childhood room. That's a level of creepy I'd never get over.”

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