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Roofer's Heartwarming Story About Homeless Man's Graft Goes Viral

Roofer's Heartwarming Story About Homeless Man's Graft Goes Viral

A roofer's social media post has gone viral after he told the story of a homeless man who helped him and his colleagues out with a job, after they met him living on a bench in London.

JayJay Murray, who works for Empire UPVC & Roofing Specialists in Waltham Cross, a town just north of the capital, wrote: "We brought him a cup of tea early in the morning and offered him to come and help the next day.

"He was first on site and worked non-stop, I have never seen anyone so happy to be at work!


"Got him Burger King for lunch and set him back on his way around London.

"He said £15 will be fine, that this would get him through the week but the boys had a whip round and he set off with £70 at 1pm and asked when he could come back.


Credit: Facebook/Jay Jay Murray

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"His gratitude was a real eye-opener. Keep going John, got to be something good around the corner. "Nobody willing to work should be living on the streets."

At the end of the day's work, John told the roofers: "Thanks brothers it's the most love I've ever had."

The post has receives over 21,000 likes and almost 5,000 shares at the time of writing.


Credit: Facebook/JayJay Murray

One user said: "Many homeless are there due to circumstances beyond their control and would like nothing better to be working and paying their own bills.


"Stay strong and a great story of good humankind."

Another replied: "That was nice, let's hope other people give him a chance and he gets somewhere to live."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/JayJay Murray

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