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Get In - The Ice Cream Doughnut Is Now A Thing

Get In - The Ice Cream Doughnut Is Now A Thing

God bless America.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

Right, challenge. Name your favourite dessert. Now, name your second favourite. Next, merge them together.

Chances are you created an ice cream doughnut. You'll then wonder if that is possible. Well, my friend, it is, thanks to a shop in America.

Some genius has created the 'Halo' - and we can only assume it's as angelic as the name.

Instantly, questions are raised in your head as to whether the doughnut would be cold to keep the ice cream nice and frozen, or whether the ice cream is effectively cream so that the doughnut can be kept warm.

B Sweet Dessert Bar has found a brilliant way to get the best of both worlds, in this already universally popular combination.

The doughnut is heat sealed and made to order, so that the ice cream stays cold while the doughnut itself is nice and warm.

Or, as they advertise it on their Instagram page: "Hot on the outside, cold on the inside, and yummy all over!"

Comments on their posts have attracted some praiseworthy attention.

"Krispy Kreme has some competition," wrote one, while another added: "You are making me so hangry."

A third said: "I need this in my life right now." - We couldn't agree more.

Current flavours include: vanilla, mint, chocolate chip, cookies and cream, rocky road, chocolate malted crunch, and ube.

The shop is in Los Angeles, within touching distance of Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Not fair, considering celebrities get a lot of plus-points in their life as it is.

Whereas most people choose to eat doughnuts, one mad had different ideas about the sweet treat.

The man, known as Silverfox on Twitter, bought a pack of doughnuts from Morrisons but was heartbroken when he discovered there was no hole in the middle.

He tweeted the supermarket, saying: "Oi there's no ring in my doughnuts how am I supposed to put these on my willy and get my girlfriend to eat them off now."

Yes, even the innocent can be turned into an 18-plus moment. However, Morrison's provided the wit to stop Silverfox being so sad.

Credit: Twitter

Let's hope it was all a joke...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/B Sweet Dessert Bar

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