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This 14-Year-Old Businessman Has Made £2million And We're All Jealous

This 14-Year-Old Businessman Has Made £2million And We're All Jealous

Remember when you were young and your nan would give you a fiver to go to the shop? You'd think the world was literally your oyster. The bluey could take you places. What shall I spend it on? Shall I save it? Shall I invest it? How much is a flight to the Bahamas? Inevitably it'd be spent on sweets but, still, it represented a small slice of freedom.

This 14-year-old hasn't got shit to worry about, and will no doubt be giving his nan fivers rather than the other way around after he made £2million.


Harvey Millington, a teenage businessman, who previously made a reported £100,000 selling road tax reminders, has finalised his first property deal.

The teen sold a three-acre block of land, according to the Mirror, which he bought for for only £40,000. In my mind, £40 is a lot of money to spend, so how he parted with 40 grand is beyond me. However, the decision has paid off, making a huge profit after selling to a housing development company.

He originally bought the land with the money made from his Tax Disc Reminder venture in order to set up an upmarket camping site, which has rather disgustingly been named 'glamping' by today's society.

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The developers bought the surrounding property and desperately needed the land he'd invested in. Voila, the kid's a millionaire.

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"The neighbouring farmers were happy to sell up and they now needed our land so they could start building," Harvey told The Sun.

"I wasn't sure how much they were going to offer for the land, but they came up with £2million.

"It's a massive amount, especially for someone at my age."

Harvey doesn't feel like his future lies in the business world, as he has aspirations to be a policeman.

Despite his ambitions to represent the public services, his Tax Disc Reminder business, which became popular after the rules about road tax changed, made him thousands.

Lend us a tenner, Harv?

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