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Woman Earns $4,000 A Month By Being A 'Professional Wingwoman'

Woman Earns $4,000 A Month By Being A 'Professional Wingwoman'

It's like 'Hitch'.

Not all of us are blessed with the skills to 'woo' potential partners - nor are many people willing to admit it.

ITV2's current presentation of Love Island, a show which genuinely defies belief, is a perfect example. Each bloke appears to think they're God's gift, and even confidently say it out loud, though when one of the women declares they find someone else attractive they tuck their penis between their legs and display a phenomenal amount of insecurity.

But anyway, for those willing to concede that they're not so much of a Lothario, there are options. Much like the film Hitch, whereby Will Smith portrays a 'date doctor' who helps Kevin James hook up with someone, there's a woman offering similar services.

Erin Davis earns around $4,000 (£3,100) a month helping lonely people find a match, while simultaneously studying for her masters degree.

Credit: Caters

The 32-year-old, from Manhattan in New York, USA, managed to worm her way into this line of work five years ago, setting up dinner dates for New Yorkers too busy to do it themselves.

By 2014, she had started the business, Erin Davis Wingwoman, which boasts a 1,200-person database that she uses to pair people up. To create the database she spends near enough 40 hours a week interviewing singletons in order to build up a profile and find matches based on compatibility.

Her most successful month to date reportedly landed 50 dates, but some of her work has apparently led to two marriages.

"Love is subjective there are no guarantees in this business, but I can help people who are seriously looking for love," Erin says. "It's very effective, I find that I don't have to work with clients for long, it's usually only a few weeks before they meet someone."

Credit: Caters

She adds: "With my help, you can meet a person that it would have taken months of searching for to find, you are in a room of compatible people.

"I take people to curated events and introduce them to others, I know who is attending and match them on their religious or political beliefs, age range and more.

"I've done a variety of things from being hired as a wedding date to get a client out on the dance floor and introduced to new people, to being a wingwoman at events and dinner parties."

It's weird, but this is literally the plot from Hitch.

Credit: Caters

She reckons the whole match-making ability comes from her early years, when in school she'd make seating plans in a boy-girl pattern.

"It must have been something in my blood, I really wanted to put people together even from eight-years-old," she said.

That eventually turned into a hobby, which in turn snowballed into a job.

She likes to use her own experiences to help others too, saying: "I consider myself a 'professional dater' - I love dating and believe in the process. I don't use apps and believe they are over-used and abused in today's high-tech society.

"I use my model for how I met some of the best people I have ever dated. I'm filtering my own experiences for others."

Featured Image Credit: Caters