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Man Caught On CCTV Having Sex With A Drain Pipe

Man Caught On CCTV Having Sex With A Drain Pipe

Yes, you read that correctly.

I think it's fair to say we've all been subject to a sudden spate of horniness. We all remember the awkward, unwanted boners you'd get in school.

There was certain protocol for that - conceal it, don't tell anybody, and wait until you're home to sort yourself out.

This guy, from China, obviously didn't get the memo about all that.

He was caught on CCTV shagging a drain pipe.

None of the above sentence was factually incorrect, typed wrongly, or exaggerated. He literally got his dick out, stuck it in a pipe, and began humping.

The footage was originally posted on the Chinese website Weibo, and then LiveLeak.

Fair warning, this is quite graphic and very fucking weird.

The pipe is located on the outside of someone's home in China, so those residents have literally had their house fucked.

At one point he looks in the direction of the camera, but fails to notice it. But why would you when you're making love to a friggin pipe?

The man is yet to be identified, and for his sake I hope it stays that way.

Featured image credit: LiveLeak

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