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Australian Town Terrorised By Muscular Kangaroo Attacking People And Eating Gardens

Australian Town Terrorised By Muscular Kangaroo Attacking People And Eating Gardens

Three people have been attacked by the musclebound marsupial...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

An extremely hench six-foot-tall kangaroo that has a 'bad attitude' has been terrorising a small country town in Australia, attacking three people and wrecking a load of people's impeccably pruned gardens.

Seriously, kangaroos can get unusually stacked. It's weird.

The violent marsupial ate its wicked way through a garden that had been lovingly tended for three decades by Margherita Caruana, from Queensland's South Downs Region.

Ms Caruana said: "Until it rains we just can't get rid of them [the kangaroos]."

Here's how hench kangaroos can get.
The Kangaroo Sanctuary/Facebook

The muscular beast ate straight through her roses, a lemon tree, her gardenias, lavender, acanthus mollis and canti.

Basically, it loves nothing more than eating people's flowers and getting rowdy.

She added: "It is not their fault, they have just reached the end of their tether."

Very understanding.

More seriously than this attack on people's gardens are the attacks on three unsuspecting members of the public. One of the victims was an elderly woman, who was left with blood on her neck, shoulders, and legs.

After hearing the woman screaming, Kyran Sprott ran to the aid of the victim.

Look at this seductive fellow.

He told 7News: "I asked her what happened, and she said she had been attacked by a kangaroo.

"She was really shaken up and bleeding all over. I've got blood all over my arm.

"It came from the back and got her from the back and pushed down on her.

"She got scratch marks and was bleeding from either shoulder, down on her leg and at the front of the body too."


As well as the older woman, a tourist from New Zealand was also attacked, as well as the wife of a pub owner called Shane Toy.

The gigantic 'roo attacked Mr Toy's wife outside their pub, but a customer intervened with a bar stool and then the customers managed to get the bar under lockdown.

Apparently, the beast had its front paws on the shoulders of the Kiwi tourist and was preparing to kick him before it was scared away.

It has since been tracked by local police.

Here is another red kangaroo in happier times.

They want to be a bit careful about it, because this creature sounds pretty hard.

Whilst kangaroos are mostly pretty calm, they can be a bit sketchy when they feel threatened and are pretty territorial when it comes to humans, as well as other animals.

Oh, and if you're in the way of their children they've been know to have a go as well.

Basically, avoid getting between a mother and child, don't go too near to them, and avoid males that are showing strength - then there's a good chance you'll be fine.

Featured Image Credit: The Kangaroo Sanctuary/Facebook

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