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Rescue Dog With An Incredibly Long Neck Finds Forever Home

Rescue Dog With An Incredibly Long Neck Finds Forever Home

Monique adopted Ketama and took her home to live with her in the Netherlands

A dog with an incredibly long neck has been rescued and is now happy with her new family.

Ketama the Spanish greyhound has a neck that measures 25cm long and is now enjoying life with her new family.

Owner Monique Morsink says the two-year-old rescue dog is from a breed of naturally 'long' dogs, but says that Ketama is closer to the size of a male.

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Spanish greyhounds, or sighthounds, were bred for their speed and sleek bodies to help with hunting and for racing.

However, like many breeds, they can often become the victim of cruelty from humans.

But thankfully Monique, 30, and her partner Martijn ten Voorde, 31, rescued Ketama and took her home to live with them in the Netherlands.

Speaking about her impressive pooch, Monique said: "For her breed, she's an exceedingly long girl. She is longer than most of the females of her breed I have seen. She has the measurements of a boy.

Ketama has a 25cm neck.
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"We get a lot of attention on the streets. There are not a lot of breeds like Ketama over here.

"And also, when I am walking her, she has so many leashes on. She wears a collar, and a safety harness.

"Because she's so very slim and agile, she can escape easily from a normal harness or only her collar."

Monique said Ketama's breed, known as Galgo Español in Spanish, can be mistreated in their native Spain if they do not prove useful tools for hunting.

She said: "I found out that there is a big problem in Spain. The Galgos are used for hunting which is a big tradition.

"But if the dogs are not good enough for the hunter they get killed or dumped."

She was rescued from a centre in Spain and now lives with owner Monique in the Netherlands.
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Monique found Ketama thanks to a network for rescue centres specifically for Galgos, which works tirelessly to save them from abuse.

She said: "Ketama turned out to be a really goofy and funny dog. I am glad that she could be an ambassador for the Galgo Español.

"I hope that because of her unusual features there will be more awareness for the breed, and the troubling situation in Spain."

And Monique says though Ketama can be a bit cheeky sometimes, she's a delight to be around and just wants some attention.

She said: "Ketama is very present in our household. She always wants to be with you. She's also very smart and will do anything for a treat.

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"She can be very naughty. If you are doing your own thing and she thinks that she deserves more attention, you can see in her eyes that she will do something naughty.

"She will start looking at something to grab, and if she finds it, she throws it in the air and starts playing with it. But in the meantime, she will look if you are looking. Bad attention is also attention."

Adding: "When I was having breakfast, she put her ball under the couch and started crying. When I stood up from the table and went on my knees to grab the ball, she immediately ran to the table to steal my breakfast. That was a great laugh."

Featured Image Credit: Splitpics UK

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