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Firefighters Save Budgie That Got Stuck In Tiny Keyhole

Firefighters Save Budgie That Got Stuck In Tiny Keyhole

In footage we see the poor budgie trapped in a hole inside the lock core cylinder of the door, as a firefighter tries to rescue it

Video footage captures the moment firefighters saved a budgie that had gotten itself stuck inside a keyhole while trying to escape from a room.

The incident happened on 14 March in the city of Hefei, which is located in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui.

In the clip, we see the poor budgie trapped in a small hole inside the lock core cylinder of the door, as a firefighter scrambles to try and rescue it.

The firefighters had to disassemble the door lock and use special scissors to expand the hole, before finally pulling the tiny bird out to freedom.


The Special Service of the Hefei City Fire Rescue Detachment had turned up at the property after receiving a call from the female owner of the bird, who was not named.

The woman's report said her budgie had accidently become lodged inside the door while it was trying to get out of the room.


As it was unable to move, she grew concerned that her pet might get hurt - especially as it had been stuck for some time - and after failing to rescue it herself, decided to call the firefighters for help.

At first, firefighters wanted to try and hook the bird out using an iron hook, but found the budgie was stuck too deep.

After getting consent from the head of the householders, they ended up carefully removing the door lock, before using special instruments to expand the hole.


Within minutes, the lucky budgie was successfully rescued, and thankfully managed to get out without any injuries.

Over in the UK, another animal managed to get itself stuck - though this time it was a greedy dormouse that found itself lodged inside a bird feeder.

Pensioner Cheryl Hewins, 72, was stunned to find the dormouse sitting in her bird feeder - unable to squeeze itself out of the narrow tube.


Cheryl, from Ventor, the Isle of Wight, said: "I was surprised to find the thing sitting in my birdfeeder, he must have been there all night and eaten so much he couldn't get out."

The ravenous rodent had gnawed its way through so many millet and sunflower seeds, his stomach had expanded.

National Trust Ranger Catherine, 34, from Romsey, Hampshire, said: "Cheryl was a bit panicked about finding it in her feeder. I quite couldn't believe it when I saw the photo.

"It's nice it was a dormouse because so many times people think they've seen a dormouse and it's not. I also just thought it was hilarious. He just sat there like an absolute chunk.

"I got back to her very quickly and confirmed it was a dormouse and told her to take it to the nearest vegetation cover in the garden and try and let him out as soon as possible."

Cheryl added: "He eventually toddled off. I'm glad he enjoyed his meal and survived the birds pecking away at him too."

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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