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Adorable Golden Retriever Has Thousands Of Instagram Followers Due To Unusual Markings

Adorable Golden Retriever Has Thousands Of Instagram Followers Due To Unusual Markings

An adorable pooch has got an army of fans thanks to the unusual marking on his face.

Golden retriever Enzo Viola, who lives in Texas in the US, was born with a rare genetic mutation which has left with a very distinctive black patch of fur across the left side of his face.


His Instagram page @mister.enzoviola has more than 180,000 followers and his posts are regularly flooded with comments and compliments about his unusual birth mark.

His family the Castros, who run the page, keep his fans up to date with Enzo's life, showing off cute snaps of him out and about on walks, playing and having a snooze.

Speaking to the Daily Star one of his owners Clarisso Castro, said: "Enzo has a genetic mutation, his black splotch!

"He's special - and who doesn't like to look at dogs. The mutation doesn't affect any part of him except for his looks."


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She went on to explain that her and her family fell in love with Enzo as soon as they met him, not just because of his marking but also because he was 'the sweetest and most playful puppy'. N'awww.

Clarrisa went on to say that Enzo has tons of energy and needs at least two walks a day to burn it off.

She continued: "We spend a lot of time playing fetch with him in the back yard or playing with one of his toys inside.


"There's so much to enjoy spending time with him, one of my favourite things is that he often falls asleep while tugging on a toy, he'll just slowly lay down and rest with the toy in his mouth."

Although he may look fairly chilled in his Instagram photos, Clarissa said the pooch actually loves to have a bit of routine in his life and enjoys waking up, eating and going for walks at the same time each day.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mister.enzoviola

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