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Huge Crocodile Rumoured To Have Eaten 300 People Is Still On The Loose

Amelia Ward


Huge Crocodile Rumoured To Have Eaten 300 People Is Still On The Loose

A giant crocodile, which is rumoured to have killed up to 300 people, is still potentially on the loose.


Nicknamed Gustave, the large Nile crocodile is said to bee from Burundi, in Africa, and is infamous for being a man-eater, responsible for the deaths of locals.

The truth behind the semi-mythical animal is nigh-on impossible to verify, but locals still fear the creature, who has attained his own degree of mystery.

The killer croc is said to weigh over a ton and is said to be about six metres long. Even hunters are scared of him, and when spotted, a number of deaths seem to be reported.

Gustave has been studied for years, with some suggesting he could be about 100 years old, while others have said it's more likely to be around 60 due to his dental arch being intact.

Legend has it that he was even shot three times, and has scars as a result of hunters trying to kill it.

This isn't Gustave. Pics of the actual croc are pretty scarce. Credit: PA
This isn't Gustave. Pics of the actual croc are pretty scarce. Credit: PA

Where big crocodiles go, so do hunters - as a result of his growing fame, French hunter Patrice Faye once decided to have a pop at killing Gustave. However, his trap didn't work.

Faye told the BBC in 2002: "We placed [the trap] into the Ruzizi [a river in Central Africa], put bait inside and spent the whole night in the river with cameras.

"But it was a total failure. The crocodile was parading outside the cage, teasing us, and we were unable to catch it."

Discussing Gustave's size, the hunter added: "He is enormous. He is three times as big as the other crocodiles in Burundi. He is not very fast and cannot feed on what other crocodiles in Burundi eat - fish and small mammals. He attacks slow prey which are easy to capture."

Capturing the Killer Croc was a 2014 documentary which featured Faye, and recorded several attempts to capture Gustave.

The first attempt featured a giant cage, which was about 9 metres long. Baits were placed in it, but Gustave was wise to the trap - either that or he wasn't around. Nothing was attracted to it, not even any other creatures.

The scientists then put in three giant traps on river banks, only managing to catch smaller crocodiles in their traps.

Patrice Faye was determined to find the fabled creature.
Patrice Faye was determined to find the fabled creature.

The team was set to leave the country, so had another go in their final week. They put a live goat in a cage to try to lure Gustave to it, but the camera broke in a storm. The next morning the cage was found with no goat in it. They never found out what actually happened.

Faye concluded that in the three months he was there, about 17 people were eaten by Gustave.

He said: "I calculated that if he had been killing people for 20 years at this rate, he would have already eaten more than 300 people."

It's still not known whether Gustave is still alive, or even if he is actually one vicious crocodile rather than an easy way to group reports of multiple croc attacks. Still, his legend certainly lives on.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: Animals

Amelia Ward
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