'Permanently Sad' Cat Becomes Internet Sensation Because Of Unique Facial Markings


'Permanently Sad' Cat Becomes Internet Sensation Because Of Unique Facial Markings

Since the untimely passing of grumpy cat (RIP), we've all been trying to fill the void - and it looks like a feline in China has done just that.


The little fella has become an internet sensation thanks to the markings on his face which make him look like he's permanently sad.

His unique colouring makes it look like he has furrowed eyebrows and is constantly gutted about something. How very 2020.


Now millions of internet users are obsessed with the cat, whose owner has yet to be identified.

A woman spotted the cat on the street and shared the clips she took on Douyin - China's version of TikTok.

The first person to spot the moggy was a student in Shanghai, known as Xin on social media.

Aw, cheer up pal. Credit: Douyin
Aw, cheer up pal. Credit: Douyin

The video quickly went viral, with nearly two million views after being posted last Thursday.

One social media user wrote: "What happened to you? Why are you looking so sad!"

Another one replied: "Hahaha the cat is a real-life emoji!"

A third commented: "This is hilarious. It reminds me of my headteacher who was always angry at me haha."


Since the video went viral, Ms Xin has been back to visit the cat, who is believed to be a stray.

On her page she explained that she would take it home but she already has a cat.

Another clip shows the student taking the sad looking feline water and food, while she tells her followers that she will regularly check up on the animal so she knows it is OK.

This cat's emergence online comes after another cat with a human-looking expression went viral recently.


A cat that has a permanent scowl became something of an internet sensation.

Kitzia lives in Florida, US, with her owner Viktoriia Otdielnova who started an Instagram account in her name, chronicling her various states of unrest.

And since kicking the page off back in April 2018 Kitzia has gained an army of fans, with more than 48,000 people now following the account.


Commenting on one of her photos, a follower joked: "Lol my kids make the same face!" While another wrote: "Lmao I cannot get over these facial expressions."

"Plotting an evil plan," wrote another.

Someone else just wanted to be Kitzia's friend, adding: "I just met you and I love you so much already!!!! You are the one I want to sit and give everyone dirty looks with!"

Featured Image Credit: Douyin

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