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Police Called To Reports Of A Loose Lion Which Turns Out To Be A Dog

Police Called To Reports Of A Loose Lion Which Turns Out To Be A Dog

False alarm

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Police in Spain presumably s*** themselves when they received numerous reports of a massive lion roaming the streets.

Fortunately, when they located the beast in a garden area of the town of Molina de Segura on Saturday morning (9 March), it transpired to be nothing more than an oddly-shaven dog.

The force shared the amusing misunderstanding on social media - and the revelation has received almost 7,000 likes on Twitter.

Happily, officers confirmed that the dog was in good health and they were able to reunite it with its owner. However, they're still none the wiser as to why the dog was given this alarming haircut.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, a spokesperson said: "We're investigating and waiting for some results.

"We don't know the motive for shaving it that way. For now, there's no justifiable motive. We have to confirm the vaccines and documents are correct, but fortunately, the dog is fine."

Officers were able to see the funny side of the misunderstanding.
Policia Local Molina de Segura

No doubt this is the first time the Molina de Segura police force have had to deal with a dog masquerading as a lion, but police across the world are called out because of misunderstandings all the time.

At the end of December, officers in Florida, USA, were called to a property following a report of a woman screaming; however, it transpired the 'woman' in question was actually a parrot.

Home security footage showed a man - who wasn't named - doing some work on his wife's car just before New Year's Eve in Lake Worth Beach.

All the while, cries of 'help!' and 'let me out!' could be heard in the background, but the man paid no attention to the screeching until four police officers arrived at his drive and told him a neighbour had reported hearing the sound of a woman screaming emanating from his home.

Clearly aware of what had caused the mix-up, the man smirked before telling officers he would 'bring out the screamer'.

Police were relieved and amused by the cause of the screaming.

The officers could then be seen laughing with relief as the man reemerged from behind his gate with a green parrot perched on his arm and said: "Rambo, meet the boys in green."

All's well that ends well, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Policia Local Molina de Segura

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