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There Is Such Thing As A 'Poodle' Cat And They Look Incredible

Dominic Smithers

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There Is Such Thing As A 'Poodle' Cat And They Look Incredible

Often people are divided along a very strict and definite line; they are either a dog or a cat person.

Now, no matter which side of the argument you fall on, the Selkirk Rex cat breed may be enough to unite animal lovers - because it looks like a cross between a poodle and a pussycat.

Ever heard of it? No, well neither had we, but it would seem as though we have all been missing out on what may be the cutest cat known to man.

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

They haven't been around that long. Noted for their intensely back-curled fur, the breed gets its name from the Selkirk Mountains in Wyoming, where the first of its kind was born at an animal shelter in 1987.

According to reports, the fur is due to a genetic mutation which, after some tests, was found to be the dominant gene and has carried on through the generations.

They are now massively popular in the United States and Canada, where they are often known colloquially as 'sheep cats', which is another plus point if you ask me.

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Pet giant Purina says: "The Selkirk Rex cat has an alert and active personality with a sweet and endearing disposition.

"This laid back breed is happy to sit on your lap and loves to have a cuddle. It is also more than happy to play games and makes a great family pet."

But the firm also says that with great fur, comes great responsibility.

They say: "The coat of the longhaired Selkirk cat requires daily attention with gentle grooming to remove any knots and tangles."

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

And they also live well into their teens, which means you can enjoy those curls for many, many years to come!

Unsurprisingly, the four-legged fur balls have amassed quite the army of fans.

Posting a pic of a kitten, one person wrote: "Sheep cat. All shall bow to sheep cat."

Another said: "TIL [Today I Learned] about the Selkirk Rex, a rare breed of cat. Looks like a cross between a cat and a poodle. Those curls!!"

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Dominic Smithers
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