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Conor McGregor Slammed After Encouraging Son To Hit Child In Face

Conor McGregor Slammed After Encouraging Son To Hit Child In Face

The UFC fighter encouraged his three-year-old to get revenge on a beach in Dubai

Conor McGregor is facing a backlash after encouraging his son to punch another child in the face. Watch here:

The UFC fighter is currently in Dubai with his family and he had some controversial advice for his three-year-old son Conor Jr, who said he had been punched in the back.

The 32-year-old told his son: "Hit him back... Where are you going to hit him?

"Hit him in the mouth... go hit him in the mouth. Aim for the mouth and nose, champ.

"Be faster, that's why we train."

The video - which the Irishman shared on Facebook and Instagram - has racked up millions of views, but lots of people were less than impressed with his parental advice.

A lot of people questioned his parental guidance.
Facebook/Conor McGregor

One person commented: "Not really the best words teaching your kid to hit other kids at that age mate!"

Another said: "Wrong in a lot of ways. I'm not a parent but don't teach your kid to go fight in the street. Teach your kid to be better than that.

"The bigger man walks away. Only use self-defence if you have too. Teach him that, champ."

A third added: "That's not how you bring a child up, teaching him to smack children. Teach him to be kind and respectful."

But many other McGregor fans thought he was entitled to teach his son to defend himself - and were not at all surprised by his advice, given that he punches people for a living.

One person commented: "My dad told me to go for the nose and groin. What is wrong with protecting yourself? Grow up and stop parent shaming."

Another agreed: "Awww you're a great great dad, don't listen to anyone's advice, you've done so well, you know yourself, we can all see how happy your family are, keep going Conor we appreciate you."

A third said: "If you don't teach your children to defend themselves and to be brave and strong then they will let people bully them and cause emotional issues later in life.

"I tell my kids never start trouble or pick on anyone but if someone hits you or picks on you then defend yourself and hit 'em hard.

"Good parenting from the great Conor McGregor!"

So I suppose what you make of McGregor's parenting technique is a matter of perspective. Whatever you think, rest assured that he almost definitely doesn't give a s***.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Conor McGregor

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