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Curry house mystery finally solved after diner comes forward

Curry house mystery finally solved after diner comes forward

Case closed

The mystery of a man who was apparently spotted enjoying a curry nine years after his death has been solved once and for all – and no, it has nothing to do with time travel.

As is often the case, the reality is far less mystifying.

To refresh your memory, this whole saga started last week when a British woman had the shock of her life after discovering what appeared to be her late husband eating at a curry house.

Ever since 59-year-old Lucy Watson shared the unbelievable discovery on Facebook, Indian restaurant Spice Cottage in Westbourne, West Sussex, has been inundated with queries about the mystery man.

Lucy said there was 'no doubt in her mind' that the man enjoying a spot of butter chicken and naan bread was Harry, who died in 2014.

So what is really going on here? Did her ex husband fake his own death or did he come back to life and head straight to the curry house?

As you will have gathered by now, it's none of the above.

A new twist in the ongoing saga has finally put the whole thing to bed, as the real diner has come forward.

The man in the video wasn't Harry, after all. It was actually 67-year-old Alan Harding – who is definitely alive and kicking.

Turns out it was Alan Harding all along.
Spice Cottage/Facebook

Spice Cottage took to Facebook last night (30 January) to confirm the news with a delightfully pun-filled post.

Alongside photographic evidence, owners Bodrul and Rofiqul Islam wrote: "We have a ghee mattar we would like to close.

"The photo below is our customer that was captured in one of our recent promo video. We can confirm he is not Lucy’s husband.

"As much as we wish our curries bring people out of kormas, unfortunately this was not the case."

They went on to thank everyone for their ongoing interest in the case, adding: "Our video has spread through all corners of the world, and it has been a pleasure of meeting the customers who have cumin this week!

"If you are ever in the village of Westbourne, please pop in, theres never a dhall moment in our restaurant."

Case closed.

Prior to this revelation, Lucy put forward the idea that perhaps the footage was taken from years prior, but Spice Cottage shut down any ideas by explaining that the footage was just a week old.

When she accused the restaurant of lying, the owners pointed out the restaurant had recently been refurbished, with the updates visible in the video.

This customer was actually Alan, not Harry.
Spice Cottage/Facebook

They explained: "The refurbishment was completed in early January 2023 and the promotional video highlights these changes.

"Before January 2023, all of our tables were covered by white and red cloths, henceforth it is evident this footage is recent.

"This is a very unusual situation and we hope this clarifies any confusion."

Lucy also claimed in her Facebook comment that Harry's son Alex was featured in the video alongside her husband.

However, 39-year-old Alex recently addressed the theories in an interview with MailOnline, where he explained: "No way. It's not my dad and it's not me. She's got it wrong."

Alex admitted that the Facebook comments proved people were 'really intrigued' about the mystery and 'really want to know the answers', but he didn't have any juicy details to offer – it was simply a mistake.

Alex set the record straight.
Alex Doherty/Facebook

"The answer is that it's not my dad – that's it," he said.

Alex went on to say he felt 'sorry' for the restaurant for the attention, although clearly Bodrul and Rofiqul are happy about the increased interest in their established.

All publicity is good publicity, even if it does involved a ghostly diner.

Featured Image Credit: Spice Cottage/Facebook

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