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Man Turns Old RAF Jet Engine Into A Four-Bed Caravan Pod

Man Turns Old RAF Jet Engine Into A Four-Bed Caravan Pod

This unique creation sleeps four, and used to be on the back of a Vickers VC10 jet liner

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A man from Lancashire has created an amazing camping pod out of one of the engine surrounds from a disused Vickers VC10 jet liner. Here's a short video, in case you fancy taking the full tour.

Steve Jones' creation sleeps four - comfortably so - and was the product of simply asking the question of an old boss, which allowed him to get his hands on this unique piece of aviation history in order to give it a new life.

So, it's not actually the full engine - in fact, it's the aerodynamic surround that keeps in all the bits and bobs that make the plane engine - but you get the picture.

The ex-RAF engineer has converted it into a comfy looking space that - when all of the you-know-what is over - he hopes to spend some quality time in with his family.

As you can see from the below photos, there's certainly enough room in there for everyone.

Steve Jones

He told LADbible: "I do have some wacky ideas, and this one was about six years in the making, but eventually last year I managed to get hold of one [the VC10 engine].

"It was an outlandish idea. I knew it would be the only one in the world and I've just drawn on all my experience from aircraft work, and I've done lots of camper van conversions and motor home conversions in the past.

"This is the most outlandish one by far."

Yeah, you can say that again, mate.

Steve Jones

Of course, doing this sort of stuff isn't easy. There are problems that arise that you wouldn't even think of.

However, with a background working on aircraft, as well as converting vehicles, Steve was well placed to get the job done.

He continued: "It was an extremely hard job to do, because not only is it a tube, it also expands and contracts so it was hard to do the ply work and all the internal work.

"It was just time consuming. I've spent just over 1,000 man hours work doing it. I've basically done it all myself."

Steve Jones

"I had a few guys that helped me do a few of the bigger tasks, but at the end of the job I had this little caravan pod - four berth - so I can take my wife and my two boys away in it.

"I only finished it this year, in about mid-March, then with all the Covid stuff I've not actually used it yet.

"Later this year I'll go back to it, spend a few days refining it, getting everything 100 percent where I want it, then get a lot of use out of it - hit the Lake District."

Steve Jones

Since his creation hit the news, it has proven to be popular. The Facebook page he set up to document his journey has been shared far and wide, and he's even appeared on Channel 4 show George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.

Steve added: "It's so unique, I can't believe much interest it's picked up. It's been seen by around three million people, it's just brilliant.

"It's been a great project and I'm looking forward to using it in the future now."

Steve Jones

This isn't the end, either. In fact, Steve's dreams are just getting bigger and bigger. Next up, he wants to turn a jumbo jet engine into a hot tub, and a two-storey glamping pod.

In case anyone is sitting on any old jumbo jet engines that they've had lying around and would like to get rid of, Steve's your man.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Jones

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