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Driver slammed for horrendous parking at Tesco

Driver slammed for horrendous parking at Tesco

A driver has been slated for their not-so-impressive parking skills at a branch of Tesco in Coventry

An 'idiotic' motorist has been slammed for their car parking skills, with one person even questioning how such people are allowed to drive.

Another day, another example of some pretty terrible parking skills...

In a photo shared on a local Facebook page, the car could be seen parked up over the curb of a zebra crossing, seemingly not realising - or not caring - that it wasn’t an empty space and that parking there would cause a massive inconvenience for anyone hoping to use the crossing.

Sharing the photo, taken at a branch of Tesco in Bedworth, Coventry, an angry resident wrote: “Just another idiot in Tesco this evening. The guy just missed the correct parking space.”

The motorist was slammed for their parking.
Facebook/Rui Duarte

Others were quick to slate the driver for their choice of parking ‘space’, with one person commenting: “Yet another joke driver they have absolutely no clue what is around them or with them. Don't hold with having a bad day they are in charge of a ton of metal.”

Someone else asked: “Did the crossing not give it away that it’s not a parking spot?”

And a third resident wrote simply: “Shouldn’t be allowed on the roads.”

Others even pointed out that it would be a nightmare for anyone using a pushchair or wheelchair.

But some locals actually took the side of the driver and claimed the layout of the car park did make it look like a space - albeit one right next to a zebra crossing that completely blocks the path for pedestrians.

One wrote: "Not gonna lie I did see this space this afternoon and it does look like a parking space."

While someone else said: ​​"They have moved the bollards at the front so it does look like a space now. However the crossing should give it away that it isn't. Possibly distracted."

A third added: “Tbh the bay is at the correct size and not marked as unusable (zebra crossing in front of it isn't enough), though common sense would say it's not usable if you're tired or in a rush you don't pay attention you just see an empty bay and just go for it.”

A Tesco spokesperson said they were 'disappointed' by the parking.
incamerastock/Alamy Stock Photo

However a Tesco spokesperson wasn’t impressed, saying the company was ‘disappointed’ by the irresponsible parking.

They told CoventryLive: "We’d like to thank all our customers who park responsibly and are disappointed to see this inconsiderate parking outside of the designated spaces, which we would not expect to happen again."

Well, that's you told, pal.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Rui Duarte/Robert Convery/Alamy

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