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Father Reunites With Abducted Son After Spending 24 Years Searching For Him

Father Reunites With Abducted Son After Spending 24 Years Searching For Him

He never stopped searching after his two-year-old son was snatched outside their home

Oscar Rihll

Oscar Rihll

In 1997, Guo Gangtang and his wife's lives were turned upside down after their two-year-old son was abducted by human traffickers from outside their home in Shandong, China.

Gangtang has spent the last 24 years travelling over 300,000 miles on motorbikes, sleeping under bridges, and spending his family's savings on finding their son. Now, they've finally been reunited. Watch below:

Gangtang travelled across over 20 provinces in search of his son, breaking bones, encountering highway robbers, and riding 10 motorbikes into the ground.

During this time, Gangtang was able to reunite over seven abducted children with their parents, but still could not find his own son.

Now, however, police have confirmed via a DNA test that Guo Xinzhen had finally been found, while two suspects have also been arrested in connection with his kidnapping.


After being abducted, it is believed Xinzhen was taken on an intercity coach by the two suspects to the neighbouring Henan province, where they went on to sell the child.

He grew up in Henan and was found to be still living there, graduating from university to become a teacher.

Xinzhen's emotional reunion with his family after more than two decades was captured by news crews.

Mr Guo told the South China Morning Post: "My kid has been found. The future is full of happiness. God treats us kindly."

Xinzhen's mother could also be heard saying during footage of the reunion: "My baby, you came back!"


Gangtang's quest to be reunited with his son was the inspiration for a 2015 film called Lost and Love, starring one of Hong Kong's most successful movie stars Andy Lau.

Following news that Xinzhen had been found, Lau said in a short video he was 'happy and thrilled' the family were reunited, according to the South China Morning Post.

He added: "I'd like to say to Brother Guo that I admire your persistence. I also want to salute the police authority for their years of efforts."

Child abductions are a serious issue in China. In 2015, the BBC estimated that 20,000 children were abducted every year.

Thankfully, Guo Gangtang's story has a happy ending.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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