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BrewDog Is Offering Everyone In The UK A Free Four-Pack Of Beer

BrewDog Is Offering Everyone In The UK A Free Four-Pack Of Beer

Free beer, and it's good for the environment too

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

BrewDog is offering everyone in the UK a free four-pack of their Lost Lager, and all you have to do is go online to redeem it.

That's going to make Dry January that little bit more difficult for a few people, isn't it?

Well, keep on reading and you'll discover that it's not actually a threat to your month off...

Don't worry. It's still got booze in it.

The Scottish brewery and pub entrepreneurs are hoping that their gift to the folks suffering through a third lockdown slammed on top of the icy grip of winter will cheer people up, as well as raising awareness of a key environmental message they're trying to get across.

One of the company's two top dogs, James Watt, tweeted: "We are giving everyone in the UK a free 4 pack of Lost Lager!

"Lost Lager is the world's first carbon negative lager & for every 4 pack claimed we will plant one extra tree in our forest.

"Great beer that is great for the planet."

There you have it.


To redeem your free booze, all you have to do is head on over to their website and grab a pack.

Of course, there has been quite a significant amount of early demand for this generous offer, so there is a bit of a queue at the minute, but if you've got the patience, you'll get your just reward.

The beer itself is the new Lost Lager and they've described it - as you've seen - as the 'world's first carbon negative lager'.

That's because for every pack that gets claimed, they'll plant a tree in their new forests. It's all part of BrewDog's aim to become completely carbon negative in the near future.

It's an admirable cause, and if it bags everyone a free pack of beer, what's not to love?

On Twitter, the company wrote: "2021 has been tough so far,

"So, we're giving everyone in the UK the chance to get a free 4 pack of our amazing new beer, Lost Lager.

"Lost is the world's only carbon negative lager - we'll plant a tree in our forest for every 4 pack claimed."

There is, of course, a small catch.

Twitter/James Watt

In a second tweet, they later added: "This is the part where you tag your friends to let them know about free beer...

"A £1.95 postage fee will apply. UK only. 1 x pack per person.

"To help us manage the load this will be a pre-order that will be fulfilled from the 8th of Feb."

Still, two quid of postage for a delivery of free cans is better than a kick in the teeth, isn't it? Especially given that it saves you a trip outside in the cold as well.

As we've mentioned, there is a bit of a queue on at the minute, but if you want to redeem your beer, just head on over to the BrewDog website.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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