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The Big Garlic And Herb Dip From Domino's Contains More Calories Than Two McDonald's Cheeseburgers

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

The Big Garlic And Herb Dip From Domino's Contains More Calories Than Two McDonald's Cheeseburgers

You may love giving your pizza crusts a little dunk in a tub of garlic and herb dip once you've eaten your way through the main part, but some people are horrified after finding out how many calories this additional munching entails.

Of course, when you get a takeaway pizza, you're not exactly aiming for a health kick - by the time it's on its way, you're already primed for a cheesy carb fest.

However, it turns out that pot of garlic and herb dip you get to complete your Domino's order contains a fair few calories.

In fact, the big 100g pots contain more calories than two McDonald's cheeseburgers.

According to the official nutritional information from Domino's the 100g garlic and herb dip has a whopping 675 calories - even more than there is in three slices of many of the chain's large pizzas.

Credit: Instagram/Domino's UK
Credit: Instagram/Domino's UK

Compare that to the McDonald's cheeseburger, which contains 301 calories for one, according to the fast food giant's own Nutrition Calculator - which of course would mean you could get two burgers totalling just 602 calories.

Over the years, many people have taken to social media to express their sheer horror, saying the revelation had 'ruined' their life.

One person tweeted: "Another exclaimed: "600 calories in a pot of Domino's garlic and herb dip - I AM SHOOK!!!"

Someone else said: "Finding out the calorie content of Domino's garlic and herb dip has both explained and ruined by existence."

Credit: Instagram/Domino's UK
Credit: Instagram/Domino's UK

A third wrote: "Devastated to discover the garlic and herb big dip pot from @dominos is 675 calories... I drink that stuff man..."

Another said they would 'never be the same again' after finding out, while a fifth added: "There are SEVEN HUNDRED calories in Domino's garlic and herb dip my whole life is ruined."

Others, however, didn't seem fussed in the slightest - encouraging people to simply 'enjoy it'.

One tweeted: "Just found out Domino's garlic and herb dip has more calories than two McDonald's cheese burgers. Still gonna slap it on my pizza tho like it's the tears of Jesus."

Credit: Domino's
Credit: Domino's

Another said: "Because you're definitely counting calories when you're eating Domino's... trying to put people off garlic and herb dip. THE AUDACITY."

Someone else agreed: "People being annoying as usual moaning how many calories are in a @dominos garlic and herb big dip... go and lick a lettuce for your lunch if you're that bothered or shut up and enjoy it #RantOver."

You may not feel too alarmed by the calorie content of the dip, but if you're trying to be careful you can grab a smaller pot for a quarter of the calories (around 168), or branch out with a different dip if you're not willing to scrimp on the size.

The 100g BBQ dip, for example, only contains a total of 188 calories, while the Frank's hot dip has just 24 calories for 100g.

A spokesperson for Domino's told LADbible: "Our Garlic & Herb Big Dip is great for sharing with family and friends and serves four people. Single size pots are also available at 169 cals each. One serving of the dip, plus three slices of our delicious Vegi Sizzler pizza, which is less than 180 cals per slice, is just under 700 cals.

"We're committed to providing transparent nutritional information on our website, our app and on menus, to enable customers to keep making informed decisions about how they choose to enjoy our piping hot pizza."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Domino's UK

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Jess Hardiman
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