KFC And Pizza Hut Join Forces To Make Gravy And Popcorn Chicken Pizza

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KFC And Pizza Hut Join Forces To Make Gravy And Popcorn Chicken Pizza

Want some good news? Today is National Pizza Day! Want even more good news? To celebrate that fact, Pizza Hut has teamed up with KFC to make the ultimate pizza-chicken combination: the Gravy Supreme.

I know, I know, we're all drooling at the thought. It's a concoction that, as they say themselves, 'can only be classified as a work of art' and it consists of a cheesy bite pizza, popcorn chicken, sweetcorn and KFC gravy.

Unfortunately for those of you that are reading this and simultaneously wiping the drool off your chin, it isn't actually available on either of the food chain's menus - yet.


It's all simply an idea pulled together by the companies' chefs to tease us all.

A KFC UK & Ireland spokesperson said: "Dreams really do come true. Pairing our signature gravy and Popcorn Chicken with Pizza Hut's famous base and toppings is a match made in heaven. Believe us when we say it's a thing of absolute beauty."


Both KFC and Pizza Hut are owned by Fortune 500, so a collaboration between the mega brands shouldn't come as too much of a shock - and it would certainly make a helluva lot of customers happy, as people seem to be pretty bloody excited by the idea.

One person said: "Never I thought the day would come when KFC would collab with Pizza Hut."

"Please tell me we'll be able to buy that I would literally give a limb for that pizza," another commented.


While a third said: "I'm gonna be LIVID if this isn't available to order by my birthday in June. That's enough time? Right? RIgHt?!?!"

However, the whole thing has prompted some debate about what kind of toppings should be on the pizza.


One person said: "Bin the healthy sweet corn and they are onto a winner there."

Another commented: "Hmmmm ok lets try crumbled broccoli."

Pizza Hut and KFC together? What a world we live in.

Featured Image Credit: KFC

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